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pillows for poochies

I'm really hoping that this adorable little pet-ready ring pillow comes with the pup pictured here. If you happen to have a dog well behaved enough to trust with your wedding rings... this is for you! If not, perhaps your pooch could be talked into proceeding directly down the aisle by tucking a liver snap or two into your bouquet? From ReggieAna on Etsy.


*Michelle on 9:05 AM

Just make sure no one tries to smell your bouquet if you have a liver treat in it!! =)

barclay on 11:34 AM

this is genius! wonder if they make versions for dogs larger than weiner dogs :)

Amanda B. Young on 8:08 PM

So adorable! As if the pillow isn't cute enough the model dog just had to be so gosh darn cute!

reggierio on 10:50 PM

Thanks so much for featuring my pillow (and my wiener dog, Francesca)! - Reggieana

AL on 7:24 AM

OMG... hahaha. This is too funny and dawg-gone cute!!

Jessee on 3:42 PM

I wish that my dog was well behaved enough to do something so memorable and so cute! Beautiful pillow!