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bows on your toes

Um? Can I get that with the bow on the side? Thanx.


Ms. 122 on 12:42 AM

LOVE the shoes at the top! WOW!

Amanda B. Young on 5:54 AM

Mee too -- they are gorgeous!

Amanda B. Young on 5:55 AM

Erm... "me" excuse me, I'm afraid I got excited with my keyboard. :-) Shoes will do that to me.

Blablover5 on 8:57 AM

That is one huge honking bow.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 11:23 AM

I adore the top pair...So beautiful! I love bows on shoes!

Dynamite Weddings on 9:10 PM

Bows are so fun, can mix colors and can dress up any pair of shoes!

Susan and Stewart Powers on 9:57 AM

Hot shoes! I actually have a similar pair of shoes to the shoes on top.


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs on 9:22 AM

The top pair is my fave! I think I would even wear them while I cleaned my house.