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it's finally here!

Dell and I are off to Lake Placid for our summer vacation! Posting will be light next week as we'll be in the woods. While I'm gone, feel free to wander thru any of my other 601 (!!) posts for your wedding fix. I'll be posting about the resort where we're staying when I get back, I think it's going to be a great place for honeymoons, so I'll take lots of pictures! In the mean time, stay cool and come back and see me for regularly scheduled posting on the 4th of August.
**Anyone have any suggestions of things to do in Lake Placid?


Anonymous on 5:56 PM

Hey! I'm a new reader of your blog, and I just wanted to say have a great time in lake placid! Make sure and go to the pizza place that over looks mirror lake, it's not too fancy, but it can be quite romantic over some wine :) My boyfriend and I consider lake placid "our" place. -Sara

Mackenzie on 6:09 PM

Thanks, Sara! I'm so glad you mentioned that! Pizza and wine overlooking the lake sounds amazing!

Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner on 9:25 PM

As a recently vacationed person, I have a great piece of advice. Relax, relax alot and enjoy your time away. It's amazing how much fun work is when you come back relaxed. Have a great time!

Events by Evonne, LLC on 3:45 AM

Have a wonderful vacation!

Shelb on 2:36 PM

Pretend to be a giant freshwater alligator a la "Lake Placid" the movie and sneak up on your honey and try to devour him. Then go out for burgers, the only cow-like thing to fit in your human size mouth...

Shannon on 2:38 AM

I go to Lake Placid every summer! Lake Clear to be exact. Make sure to go to the Sinfonietta at least once, it's held every Wednesday evening right in town. Bring a blanket and enjoy! Hiking on St. Regis is also incredible (thought difficult) with spectacular views. Enjoy!!!

designedconfusion on 12:23 AM

To bad I didnt see those post earlier. I grew up a half hour from Lake Placid. I hope you had a good time!