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cute as a...

So I guess this week is unofficially Etsy week! I keep finding all these amazing handmade things that I'm powerless to resist. For example; adorable button bouquets. How perfect would these be for your flower girl? Also available are these matching button hair clips that would be tres chic on a 5 year old. All from Kreated by Kelly, all so cute it hurts.


Blablover5 on 8:49 AM

I love etsy. It's helped me to find so much stuff for the wedding that I never would have thought of. on 10:04 AM

I love this bouquet! So nice!

Kreated by Kelly on 10:51 AM

Oh goodness!! Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog ~~ I'm very excited!!!

I love making bridal bouquets ~~ they are so fun for me. I have been fortunate enough to work with some fresh color palates lately as brides get braver *smiles*

I'm just going to have to link to you tonight when I blog *smiles*

Thanks again!!!

Kelly on 2:46 PM

These are so cute. It's amazing how truly talented people can take such ordinary materials and come up with something so... un-ordinary and fabulous.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 4:00 PM

I absolutely adore these button bouquets! I love how fun and different they are!

Jenny on 7:09 PM

These are really beautiful and so sweet. If my wedding were a little less wannabe fancy pants, these would be just the thing.

Dani @ Weddings Fresh on 8:50 PM

these are some of my favorite thins from etsy! love them!

Julie on 8:18 PM

Ooooh! I love those :) You don't need to be having a wedding to fall in love with button bouquets!

Anonymous on 10:49 PM

Oh I just love these - I've seen them on Etsy before, but never realized all the colors they came in!

So cheery.

Life Design Event Planning on 1:51 PM

I have the perfect client that I am going to pitch this to. Her last name will be Button! How perfect is this.