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With the right dress, these could be fantastic. I love that you could take a relatively plain, strapless dress and turn it into a show stopper with one great accessory. All from Bonzie on Etsy.


Absolutely Unique on 11:45 AM

Amazing idea! Thanks for sharing. I love your posts as always!

Piper Jacquelyn on 3:58 PM

oh my, i LOVE these! i want something interesting like a shrug or jacket to wear over my dress and this is such an interesting idea! totally fun!

Sarah Danielle on 11:13 AM

On the etsy sight they have one in pale yellow tulle... dream like!! These are so fun, would be a great way to transform a simple little black dress as well!

Dana on 9:09 PM

This is sooooo cute and sexy all at once.

Rachel on 4:23 PM

I love the last one. Its like something from the 40s. very glam.

Brenda on 7:54 PM

These are fabulous!
oh fabulous!

nicedaydesigns on 9:22 AM

I love these so much. Is it totally indulgent of me to buy one not for a wedding?? I've hearted this etsy seller and will be taking a good look at her stuff later,thanks for the find!