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Adam over at The Poster List just sent me a link to these great posters, riffing off of the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" British subway posters of the 1940's. I thought they might be fitting for anyone out there dealing with a Bridezilla or a bride dealing with a stressful wedding. Keep calm! Rock on!


Jennifer on 3:29 PM

Home Studio on sells charms with this phrase on it. I bought one for my bouquet.

Laura on 5:23 PM

not a bride but totally had to. especially since they have 2 posters for $20.. thanks for the tip, mackenzie!

Anonymous on 1:01 PM

I love this blog and have been getting lots of fantastic ideas for my wedding next summer! I was wondering if you have any fun/fancy ideas for Unity Sand Ceremonies? My fiance and I are getting married outdoors and love the idea of using sand instead of candles. I found this site:

and I like it but would kind of like something a little more... I don't know, vintage? Indy? Do you know of anything?

Helen on 4:03 AM

Amazing!! A combination of my favourite things - the phrase rock on and vintage mid-war posters. Seriously, girl, where do you find these great pieces?! Keep up the good work xx

Lisa from Blush on 2:08 PM

Hi Mackenzie! So, so fantastic. SexyHusband just bought an electric guitar and started lessons. I'm so proud of him and excited for him. I'm redecorating our guestroom to be his 'music room' and I'm thinkin I need these! Love. Thanks! xoxo, Lisa

TweedleTee on 9:47 PM

i printed out a mini version of this poster and taped it to my monitor at work. everytime someone walks buy they ask where i got it. i've been printing these for the whole dept! we aren't allowed to hang posters so these little snippets are perfect:)

love your blog, keep up the great posts!