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short and sweet

Some beautiful short and sweet wedding-worthy dresses, all from Nordstrom's, all very affordable. Bonus!
Alice + Olivia Layered Silk Dress
ABS V-neck Jacquard Dress
Sue Wong Beaded Silk Dress


Lara @ Southern Weddings on 9:41 PM

Wow, I LOVE these! I would wear BOTH of them!

Shannon on 8:39 AM

Thanks for sharing some beautiful choices from this growing trend: short dresses

Anonymous on 8:46 AM

That first dress is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing!!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 10:17 AM

I love these! I want them all! I really adore the embellishment on them! It really adds an extra little something to each dress! Fabulous!

Sarah Danielle on 11:12 AM

The second (ABS) dress is ULTRA flattering on! I am a cury gal and I love this one!!

The Virtual Bridesmaid on 2:33 PM

These are nice for a recpetion!

The Virtual Bridesmaid

...:::AlmostaBride:::... on 4:08 PM

I love the last one, the beaded detail on the back is fabulous

Rachel on 4:21 PM

The last dress is just beautiful!

Anonymous on 11:22 AM

I love that last dress as well! Great find!

Piper Jacquelyn on 6:14 PM

I love the first dress! It's so sweet and pretty!

Ashley L. on 2:19 PM

GORGEOUS! i especially like the last one!

Pikaland on 8:13 PM

That first dress is so lovely! I just had my wedding registration, but I'm still looking for a dress for my bash next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

Laura E @ Southern Wedding on 8:50 AM

I absolutely love the VBS dress! How amazing is that! It is so elegant.

Pretty Bride on 2:38 PM

i LOVE the second one... how fun!

Rona's Home Page on 8:01 AM

These dresses would be terrific for a renewal ceremony.

Renewing on October 12, 2008

Krasnodar on 8:37 AM

simply and sweet... the second gown is fabulous