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monday morning cheer

There's nothing like a party dress to cheer up a Monday morning! I love the idea of a swishy, muted floral print on the 'maids at a garden wedding. These dresses from BCBG fit the bill perfectly, available at Nordstrom's.


Amanda B. Young on 6:58 PM

Those certainly are cheery! I'm loving that purple one!

candy on 8:52 PM

i like the purple one too!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 11:58 AM

I adore these. That purple one is to die for! Love it!

Katie on 8:50 PM

I love the purple one and would consider it as a bridesmaid dress for my upcoming wedding, I tried to find it online like you said but it wasn't anywhere on either website...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Mackenzie on 7:40 AM


These were posted last August, so they're probably no longer for sale. Sorry :(

Anonymous on 12:22 AM

I love the blue one so much. It is my prom dress. I cannot wait to wear it.