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head = dressed.

I love the new stuff up on Headdress Couture. Aside from awesome new hair accessories for your wedding day, they also have some killer new veils. I love that they're all little edgy, but just edgy enough to be interesting, not like "over the deep end" edgy. The photos are amazing! Check them out.


Allyson Magda Photography on 1:36 AM

Hi Kate,
I recently stumbled upon your blog and love it! I hope my brides take advantage of your fun style and ideas.
thanks for sharing!

Alia on 11:51 AM

I love these. I am not getting married anytime soon, but I just want you to know your blog is really nice for anyone! And I bookmarked this website, for if and when I do decide to take the plunge. The large flower I saw was a must-have!!! Great find!

Rosie on 6:04 AM

I love the bottom image, looks very dramatic!

Holly on 10:02 PM

My dress is plainy plain and this is the perfect way to dress it up! Thanks so much for the great idea.