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So as many of you already know, the Post Office is raising rates AGAIN (to $.42) on May 12th of this year. This seems particularly annoying because the rates went up by 2 cents last year at this time, throwing all the brides at the height of wedding season into a tizzy because they couldn't get good stamps at the new rate. We will surely go thru the same awkward phase again where our only choice for postage will be the Liberty Bell and no doubt a commemorative set of Chewbacca portrait stamps or some such unattractive nonsense. To boot, it doesn't appear as though Zazzle is offering a $.42 option just yet... Arg! So where does this leave us? Had I the choice, I think I would go with The Bell. It's not horrible, it's nothing. It's neutral. It's better than Chewy. What is everyone doing to get around this?


miya on 6:44 AM

I had to send my invites out with the bell last year (though I'm glad I didn't send my husband to the post office, because our invites would have gone out with the Star Wars stamps had he gone). If I had it to do over again, I would have bought some of the pretty old priced stamps while they were available, and some one or two cent stamps. If you were really concerned about stamps (but I mean, come ON- it's a STAMP), you could search ebay or craigslist or garage sales for unused vintage stamps.

taylorthegirl on 9:10 AM

I just got the default stamp my post office was offering, and luckily, it was a flag. Not just any flag: it had slightly muted colors and looked vintage. Not bad. I'm not really as concerned with the stamp and I was with the hand sewn lace and linen paper save-the-dates inside. I really don't think my guests care about the stamp either.

Anonymous on 11:12 AM

I'm totally choosing Chewy.

nole on 11:21 AM

Luckily, I'll be mailing out my invites before the rate increase, but we decided to use a bunch of vintage stamps for our invites since we're having a vintage-inspired wedding. We also really loved the designs of the older stamps, so it worked out perfectly.

Anonymous on 12:50 PM

My invites are also going out before the rate increase. but gotta say, not really loving any of the current selections (no offense to Star Wars...). What happened to the Robert Indiana "Love" stamps that were around forever? The new botanicals are really nice, we used them for our std's. I think we are going with the Chinese New Year stamps as we are using a lot of red in the invitations. All in all, stamps really aren't that huge of a deal.
But what about loading up on the "forever" stamps? nice sentiment, and there will only be one stamp on the envelope (unless yor invites are over 1 ounce).

Anonymous on 1:13 PM

A collection of pretty, lower priced stamps arranged on the envelope can look really nice!

Anonymous on 5:44 PM

i'd totally choose chewy!

but i am that kind of girl. lol. honestly, i never paid attention to stamps until i started reading wedding blogs and everyone brought them up to my attention. though happily, i also forget that info whenever i get a wedding invite. i care about what's inside, not the stamp thats in the upper right-hand side.

Katrina Junkin on 7:54 PM

I mailed mine just last week, before the hike thank goodness...but I sent mine out with Marvel Comics stamps and I thought it rocked :)

Courtney on 9:53 PM

You could make your own stamps

We used the bell and loved it because it matched our ink color (brown) and it says "forever" on it! That's kind of awesome, right? Bright side?

Jane on 10:15 AM

Thanks for the heads up, I had not heard about this!

Sarah on 7:59 PM

We used Star Wars last year when we got hit. I hated the flag and the bell, and thought Star Wars was appropiate for our generation. Although, I didn't use Darth Maul or the other creepy guy. I don't recall getting any comments on them so I'm guessing most people didn't notice or know we have a sense of humor. It's what inside that counts (didn't mom tell us this?), and we got lots of comments on how much people loved our invitations.