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perfect party dress

This is the perfect party dress in my opinion. Perfect for a bachelorette party, perfect for a rehearsal dinner, perfect for dancing the night away. Love the stripes, love the silhouette, love the sassy-see-thru quality. Love it all. If I only had the perfect party to attend. I wonder if maybe I should have a party? Would you come? All the way to Rhode Island?


Chere Amie on 8:42 AM

Oh, I absolutely love it. Great find! I fear those horizontal stripes might make me look wide though :)

Meg on 9:04 AM

it's gorgeous! and, well, i live in providence. so sure i'll come! haha.

Pencils on 11:18 AM

I love it! Would make me look as wide as the side of a barn (even before I got pregnant), but would be wonderful on a skinny girl.

After reading your blog for a while, I'm sure you'd throw an awesome party.

Joanna Goddard on 11:48 AM

so cute, what fun! feels very french:)

Rachel R. on 11:54 AM

adorable! what a fun dress that can go day to night.

Anonymous on 10:31 PM

I think I'm alone on this but in my opinion that is a very ugly dress.

Anonymous on 6:44 AM

i love it