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i think i have a shoe fetish

Not so much into the uber-fanciness from yesterday? Try these on for size! I saw these over on Brooklyn Bride a week or so ago, and thought I'd round out your shoe selection. A bit more casual, but no less amazing. Call me crazy, but the green patent leather ones are my favorites. And the patterned ones for a garden wedding would be sublime with a tea length dress. All from J. Crew.


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs on 11:46 PM

yum, I love the green!

Alia on 12:02 AM

Yea, I was immediately drawn to the green, and now I want to go purchase them! hehe.

karla nicole on 6:55 AM

i featured the pink ones on my blog a few weeks them all!

Anonymous on 11:34 AM

have you seen any amazing flats lately? i need elegant flats! preferrably gold or pewter...

zoe on 11:42 AM

The green ones are amazing!! too many shoes, too little closet space....

Anonymous on 6:12 PM

I saw the pink ones a while back and thought they would be incredibly fabulous bridesmaids' shoes. I love J. Crew!

Chic and Charming on 7:36 PM

I totally adore the shoes in the lower left.

Joey on 1:13 AM

I TOTALLY love the new line of shoes that J. Crew has put up. Have you seen their spring line of wedding dresses??? I totally wish they would make them all ready to wear because they were all amazing looking. Anyways, there is one that looks almost like a formal shirt dress, you should check them out on i think is where they are posted!

do you know of any good colour/pattern shoes that would look good with an ivory wedding dress (sheath, chapel train)

emily@designsmack on 11:02 PM

Oh the green pair! They are heaven.