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new ketubah

Tsilli from New Ketubah emailed me today about the launch of her amazing new line of limited edition ketubah prints. She uses modern graphics in a variety of shades, prints them on archival, acid free, fine arts paper and then adds handcrafted touches in silk or cotton thread. The result is unlike any ketubah I've ever seen. Her website is also really elegant. Check her out!


Michael on 7:12 AM

I so wish these existed when my wife and I got married, all the ketubahs we found were really pretty ugly.

Michelle on 3:41 PM

Wow, Im so glad you blogged about this site! I have been searching for a ketubah and these are gorgeous.
My favorite is the tree/roots.....thanks for sharing!

adesignaffair on 11:38 PM

I was blown away to see your post today. Great find! It's a rarity to find modern judaic & hebrew designs.