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dress up your notes

My mom sent me these, and I thought you might find them useful for writing little notes to your bridesmaids, wedding shower thank-yous, or as an adorable hostess gift for a soon-to-be bride. Each blank note card has an image of a designer Parisian wedding gown and the set is available at Crate and Barrel. Not where I usually expect to find stationery, but I'll take it where I can find it! I love that while these are very "bridal" they aren't too cutesy.


katealtmix on 9:42 AM

crate and barrel cards, i'd never have thought! i love them though - i've been looking for not so girly (more classy) cards, you're so helpful!

Ana Carini on 6:56 AM

I was wondering if you know a professional printer in the LA area to print wedding invitations. I am looking for something high-end using Thermography. I would appreciate your help.

Carrie on 9:17 PM

oooooo, i love these!

Wedding Invitations on 2:03 PM

Cool idea and very thoughtful!

@ana carini - here's a great LA printer I recommend: it's a family owned business.