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I justify this huge image by saying that you need to see these cakes up close and personal in order to appreciate the amazing detail. Living in the Brooklyn area? Lucky! Contact Jolly Be Bakery and get yourself a cake!


At Home with Kim Vallee on 2:12 AM

The level of details is impressive. I would have to visit them the next time I'll go to NYC.

Flashy_Shades on 7:19 PM

too pretty to eat!

Anne on 7:46 PM

Gorgeous gorgeous! I love the proportions of the tall ones. Colors are fab too!

Tara on 8:24 PM

I was in the kitchen at Let Them Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, CA, and one of the head bakers, Beth, made that EXACT cake on the top right... down to a T. You sure these were all done at Jolly Be?