noritake unique wedding favors unique wedding favors
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fancy, in a good way.

These remind me of a gorgeous princess from a far-off land on the day of her wedding to the prince of her dreams. Who? who? I ask does not want to be reminded of that? From taj taj jewelry, consisting of fine gems combined with 18K gold.
If anyone out there gets Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius, you can catch me on at 10:30 AM, talking with Betsy Karetnick on Morning Living about wedding invitations. I must admit, I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck!


Chere Amie on 1:01 PM

Oh, so exciting! I wish I could listed in. I hope you'll post on how it went.

On a side note, I'm running a contest right now that I was hoping you might be interested in. Also, if you might encourage others to enter that would be great.

Topsy Turvy on 9:57 AM

This jewelry is so wonderful and actually affordable! Lana