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eyelet lanterns

OK. I'm back. Whoever, (Mom?) made the comment about morning sickness, HA! Not so much. I'm fine, just a touch of the flu maybe? Anyway, got a great tip today from Luna Bazaar about their awesome lantern collection. I love, love, love their selection of shaped eyelet lanterns, and think they all would look amazing hung low over guest tables, lit from within in groupings of three or so? At these prices, you can afford to get a bunch. The light coming through the little holes in the eyelet will be fantastic!


Jenna on 1:25 AM

What a romantic take on the traditional Chinese lanterns.

Nicole on 9:27 AM

OMG... I LOVE these. I am definitely going to get some for myself! Too cute, thanks for the tip!

Kristen on 11:01 AM

I love these lanterns!! They're fantastic - thanks for the tip.

Anonymous on 4:20 PM

I think that these would give such a romantic, airy look to a summer wedding!

Melissa DiStefano on 6:18 PM

I.Love.These.Laterns! Thanks for sharing them! I must get them!

Anonymous on 10:51 AM

Love them! Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous on 10:51 AM

Love them! Thanks so much for sharing.

Pam - housemartin on 7:57 PM

I heart these!!!!