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I realize that there aren't too many guys out there visiting my blog on a daily basis, so I don't post about guy stuff all that often. I may be wrong, but I doubt there are many grooms cruising the blogosphere for inspiration on their wedding rings. But who knows? Maybe I'm completely wrong and offending a large chuck of highly involved husbands-to-be. More likely than not, you (the loving fiance) will just tell them about these precious metal and wood inlay rings later, and they'll think you're the smartest most thoughtful, considerate, stylish lady ever. Available on Etsy from Rob and Lean.


Lindsey on 12:07 AM

We're ordering a custom piece from robandlean this summer for my fiance. He is so excited about his wedding band. I can't wait to see how it looks in person.

Kim Calakoutis on 4:54 AM

Wow! I love the wooden one! I would love to see a bride with a wooden band.
I searched long and hard, all over the internet looking for a band that my hubby would wear. I ended up getting him a titanium band because it is so light, comfortable and durable. But I would love to see him wearing something like that wooden band.

Alia on 9:25 AM

WOW! These are really beautiful. And I checked out their etsy page and saved it to my bookmarks! It's original, funky, and classic at the same time. I love them! Will def. keep this in mind!

Lynn on 10:21 AM

They actually have a shop in my hometown that I visited over Christmas. Their rings are so cool. I've got my eye on one that was made with copper.

Sarah on 11:07 AM

They are great, I love organic jewelry....I have to say though my fiancee was shocked the other day when I told him he had to buy me another ring for the wedding, apparently he thought the engagement ring had him covered! Ah, it must be nice to have a highly involved husband-to-be :)

Megan on 2:37 PM

Holy moly! I picked out these EXACT rings a while back and sent them to my guy, who really likes them because he's kind of a nature dude. Also...Sarah: There are very real benefits to *not* having a highly involved husband-to-be, trust me!!

Rebecca on 8:44 PM

I really like these rings and am thinking about getting one for my wedding band. My fiance and I saw some similar at the Clay Pot in Brooklyn and he wants one.

amy on 6:11 PM

ooh, i like these. my fiancee isn't a jewelry man & i'd like to get him something other than a plain band. also, check out i especially like the powder-coated rings.

Katherine on 9:42 PM

Nice post! My fiance's engagement ring (he requested one :) and wedding ring will be from robandlean and my wedding ring will be as well! I need to order soon, so this is a good reminder!

Sunny on 9:38 PM

I would just like to state how perfect I think it is that there was one "man" that commented here and it was a spam-bot. :)
Guess you're offending any grooms-to-be after all (I know *mine's* not cruising the blogosphere for wedding inspiration)!

Also: awesome rings, I wish I'd seen this before we ordered my boy's band Wednesday.

Megan on 2:03 PM

We got my man's engagement ring from Rob and Lean, and they are incredible. I can't recommend them enough. Their work and their service are just amazing. And the ring? Breathtaking. They are definitely worth a look!

Anonymous on 6:14 PM

I am a groom-to-be that definitely feels left out in the cold by most blogs. thanks for trying to include us. we just picked out our bands from Niwaka - really unique designs.

Anonymous on 10:01 AM

Really cool wooden rings!

You guys may also like to check out Theirs are probably the most expensive, but they have been doing it since 1999 and the rings are nice!

Also, take a look at The rings are absolutely gorgeous, and they employ bentwood construction as well as the built-up method. VERY strong and durable rings!