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I found out about eco-friendly jewelry designer Jennifer Dawes through the Porto Vert website, who always has awesome suggestions on making your wedding more green. Dawes only uses recycled gold, conflict free diamonds and responsibly mined stones in her amazing engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewelry. I think her Tine Oval Diamond Ring (top left) is my new favorite solitaire-alternative engagement ring.
Speaking of Porto Vert, they are declaring March DIY Wedding month and are featuring projects and a DIY contest on their site, thought you might like to check that out too.


Kelly on 9:21 AM

really lovely find. thanks for sharing!

girl girl on 4:07 PM

I love these rings. I added one to my wish list on Wishpot! You just never know. :)

baba's second design on 2:57 AM

Holy moly...if we ever update our wedding rings, I will request one of Jennifer's rings. Even better than Tiffany's - at least these are conflict free diamonds.

heather on 7:28 PM

beautiful - I love my ring to death but these are stunning too!