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well heeled

I wore a short dress for my wedding so finding fabulous shoes was really important to me. Lucky for me these babies weren't around then, I think I would have had to loosen the purse strings and splurge! Amazing art deco style Prada Pumps with gorgeous detailing on the heel, and two adorable little bows across the vamp, available at Bergdorf's. LOVE.


Carolyn Jordan on 10:57 PM

I really think if you were super crafty you could replicate these shoes. Check out a craft store that sells jewels, pick the shoes and voila!

Pencils on 11:04 AM

I often don't like Prada's more over-the-top evening shoes, but those are amazingly gorgeous. I would have loved them on my wedding day, and I don't even wear heels like that! Not only do I love the heel, which looks like some fanciful medieval column, but the shoe itself is quite beautiful. My husband asked me to wear flats or low heels so I wouldn't be taller than he on our wedding day, but for those shoes, I would have ignored his request. ;)

Alex on 12:27 PM

These are stunning.

Tessa on 10:20 PM

Oh, that heel is so yummy. ;) Really beautiful!

Alissa on 12:01 AM

oh dear me, these ARE dashing. I am starting to look for shoes for my gown now and don't even know where to start! Thanks for the ideas!

rebecca on 11:52 AM

I NEED those! Fantastic find.

Anonymous on 7:40 AM

OMG! That heel is sure to catch the stairs of many. I LOVE it! Talk about details.

katie the lady on 3:02 PM


Katrina Junkin on 6:01 PM

omg DO WANT!

Ashley L. on 4:05 PM

its all about the details... :)

Joanna Goddard on 7:48 AM

wow, these are STUNNING.

Annie on 2:16 PM

Oh I heart these shoes so much!