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just a touch

I do love a little drama, just a touch... especially when paired with a simple, flowing gown, soft hair, and natural makeup. Just a little something to stand out in a crowd. Love these pieces from Ginta Siceva, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like them.


Nicole on 9:06 AM

I L.O.V.E. these! I usually do not purchase the cool stuff I see on-line... but something from this collection is SO coming home to me. Thanks for the little piece of inspiration to get my day going!

roopa on 10:01 AM

These are so beautiful and totally my style. Thanks for the link and also for increasing my credit card debt! ;)

Lucia @ D*LSH Design on 3:02 PM

wow these are so exquisite! i'm kinda clumsy do i don't think i would be able to wear that. hehe it looks so fragile and beautiful.

Kristy on 4:07 PM

good lord they are beautiful

Mrs. Designher on 7:30 PM

I could just see this as a beautiful invitation piece now!!! Thanks for inspiring (as always!!)

Alia on 10:52 AM

I love love love these! So innovative and different! And I'm a sucker for big I think I just might make this purchase!

Elena on 4:12 PM

i can't seem to access the link to purchase these...does anyone know the website?

Mackenzie on 4:17 PM

Their site seems to be down right now, I would check back tomorrow Elena. It was working yesterday, I swear!

Anonymous on 4:54 AM

The website is
They are quite strong , made of leather and decorated with custom made glass pieces.