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Anyone have anything they need to look smashing for this summer?
I can't tell you how much I want that last one, you know... for all my social engagements. I actually do have a few weddings to attend, and I would love to be caught in any of these. Here's the catch though, I'm kind of petite. And by "petite", I mean short. Can short girls wear long dresses? Just to give you an idea, I would probably have to remove the entire dark blue section from the dress in the middle so as not to trip all over it. That just ruins the fun. The best part about that dress is the blue bit at the bottom, and the best part about the one on the end is the detail at the hem. So, stilts then? Great. Just great.
Monochrome Scarf Dress: Nicole Miller
Printed Chiffon Gown: BCBG
Long Paisley Dress: Tibi


JessicaMayBe on 12:19 AM


I LOVE this site, I get so many awesome ideas for my July wedding. Thanks so much for all the awesomeness!

Jane on 10:39 AM

Since I'm 5'4", I thought the same thing about those dresses:"They're gorgeous! Too bad I'd have to hem them into oblivion!"

Anne on 1:11 PM

I LOVE that Nicole Miller dress!!! I think with a beautiful cut in front, even a petite girl could get away with looking long and lean. ;)

Kristen on 11:09 PM

Can anyone find the last dress - the long paisley dress by Tibi? I have been looking for it for weeks now an cannot seem to find it...I would need it in an 8. If anyone knows where to look, I'd really appreciate a heads up. Thanks!!

P.S. I think a petite person could definitely pull off any of these dresses, though the first is probably most suited to avoid lots of work...the hem is already staggered which I think looks great on a petite frame. I actually think changing the hem on the second one to look like that would be awesome! Oh, and if you like the 3rd one, I know it comes in a shorter halter style as well as a long sleeve, off the shoulder, short dress.