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cool book: simple stunning weddings

Via my new favorite website for all things entertainment, I found this fantastic book, with very promising cover photography. I know I'm not supposed to judge the book by it's cover, but I did. Hostess with the Mostess recommended it, and I liked the cover, so I bought it. Guilty. I'll let you know how it is, but I'm very optimistic.
If you'd like to be guilty too, click here.


Pencils on 8:56 AM

Nice! Although Budget Bride here didn't buy it like you did, I requested it this morning through interlibrary loans--my tiny local library doesn't have it. I love the way those orange votive holders look, which makes me very happy, as I bought pale yellow frosted ones for my tables! (Pale yellow being one of my colors.) Not going to have pailette-decorated chair covers, though...

hiphostess on 5:55 PM

Thanks for the shout-out, Mackenzie! I'm don't think you'll be dissappointed by this book! It is soooo beautiful. Karen does such a great job and the photography is amazing - I've looked at it a million times and never get tired of it... Check out the Museum wedding chapter - it's got zebra print incorporated into it (subtly enough) and is fantastically creative! :)

SoireeLaura on 8:36 PM

Great choice! I have this one and you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

bee on 9:43 PM

i have it and it is quite nice. i think her office is in the building we got married at.

Chelsea on 2:52 PM

I have this book and I like most of the weddings in it. She has lots of great ideas for pulling together a cohesive look with a lot of impact.

Anonymous on 1:59 PM

Hi Mackenzie,
Have you gotten your book yet? I'd love to hear a review once you do! (Trying to decide if I should buy it as well)