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sam and dave: done. and not done.

This is a little delayed, but we can't go a whole Monday without hearing from Sam! Seems like lots of progress this week. Here's Samantha:

Spring is here! The wedding is in two + months . So much has been taken care of! As per your suggestions I went to The Clay Pot in Park Slope, I must have tried on 10 wedding bands and I found one that I love. The artist is Lisa Ceccorulli. Her bands are not on the website unfortunately. I'm going back to have another look next week so stay tuned. This weekend Dave and I got his wedding tie and shirt from Calvin Klein. We went with a crisp white shirt and a shiny silver tie. I saw a picture of Jonathan Reese Miller in a Gucci ad with that combo and thought how nice the light colors looked in contrast to a dark suit. His suit is charcoal gray. My nana Sally (the one from the photo in a previous post) is visiting my family so Dave and I spent the weekend with everyone. Dave built and finished our wedding website with my dad's input. It contains all the info our guests will need. We're enjoying the start of spring and spending this beautiful time with family finishing up final details and getting ready for a pre-wedding party my aunts are hosting for us later this month. I just have to find shoes, earrings, a wedding ring for me, a dress for my mom and shoes for Dave...these are the tasks are all on the agenda...hmmm maybe there's more to do then initially speculated.