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photo confessional

I have been woefully neglectful when it comes to my wedding photos. I love them. I lurve them. I just never got around to making an album, let alone displaying them in any way. My mom has some images framed in her house, but in my house? You'd never know I was married were it not for the presence of the husband. I was never able to find a perfect album, I never had the energy to organize the prints... blah, blah. It was one of those things that I just found really daunting and I put it off. Guilty as charged. Anyway, it's 2.65 years later, but I think I finally found the solution.
The Phillips PhotoFrame. It's basically a small monitor with memory. You load your digital images onto it, and it displays them for you. Tell the screen to display just one photo or a whole set of photos. It can show a different photo every day, every hour, or every 5 seconds if you want. Mine is set to rotate pics every 24 hours. This way I can see a different shot each day, and I never get sick of that one image. Added plus: Dell loves it. He can't for the life of him imagine why no one came up with this idea before. Way more reaction than I ever would have gotten from an album. I guarantee.
Might also make a nice after-wedding present for the parents. Load it up for them and all they have to do is plug it in.


bee on 1:27 AM

I'm in the same boat. over 2 years later, and not a single wedding photo up or album to be seen. our wedding photog says most of her clients never get albums made! but you're right - i need to get off my lazy butt and organize those piccs!

Rhonda on 8:05 AM

Good timing. I was just wondering what to get my mother-in-law for her birthday. She loves to get pictures of her grandkids, this will kick it up a knotch.

Thanks for the idea!


kelly on 12:29 PM

I have seen these before and have been greatly disappointed with the quality of the images- like bad cell phone. How is this particular frames quality?

Mackenzie on 1:08 PM

Really? The photo quality on this one is great! I'd say the quality of the display depends greatly on the quality of the photo, but overall, I've been really pleased with the display on mine.

Kristen on 6:00 PM

My mom just got me one for my pictures of my whirlwind trip to Europe. I have it on my desk and its like a permanent slideshow reminder. LOVE it!

Houses, Couches and Babies on 11:40 PM

This frame is so amazing! This frame could work well for any important event in your life.

Houses, Couches and Babies on 11:47 PM

Hope you don't mind, but I posted about the Phillips Photoframe on my blog (Houses, Couches, and Babies) because I absolutely love it! Of course, I referenced you, because I don't want to be a thief or anything, but I just thought it was a great product worth sharing. Thanks again for letting us know about it!

My Wedding Blog on 12:34 AM

me too..i posted your photo on my blog but i linked u from my blog..

it is a good us the trouble of carrying the heavy albums around

Nihaopengyo on 8:34 PM

I was the same. I did not have my wedding photos out or in an album. Until I found these great albums online. The albums are so beautiful and made of silk that I can have them out on my table and my guests can't keep their hands off them. They have several styles to choose from, but I like the ones with black pages that I put my favorite enlarged shots from our wedding. Check them out at and you will not be disappointed.