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sam and dave: the shoes

Monday again? Well, at least we have a little update from Sam to look forward to. This week? Shoes. Take it away Sam:

sam's shoes
Dave and I are so happy getting excited about the wedding. Next weekend my aunts and uncles are having a pre-wedding party for us at my parent’s house. Hopefully it’ll be sunny and warm so everyone can hang out outside on the lawn and patio. My mom has made about 100 batches of dough to get it ready for favors. So if we make a little assembly line we can do a little cookie baking too! Only problem is, if the house smells like cookies we’re bound to do a lot of cookie eating. That’ll be fine though, she made extra with that possibility (inevitability) in mind.
Also, I succumbed to having a bachelorette party after making the girls promise not to bring gifts, instead it’ll just be a night out with my wonderful female friends. I feel like it’s expecting a lot of people to give gifts at a shower, bachelorette party and the big event. So if people want to bring a gift to the wedding so be it but I am insisting on no gifts for the pre-wedding parties. Truly nothing is better than spending time with friends and family.
On another note, I found wedding shoes! On my week off, I perused Bloomingdale's and Century 21, but nothing seemed right. Sometimes a treasure can be found in your backyard though; I found my shoes at a little boutique in midtown called Precision. They’re a brand I’ve never heard from Holland called Bronx. I took the picture myself! I love how cute and vintage they look with the strap over the arch and they actually fit comfortably so I’ll be able to dance all night… that is after our salsa lessons, but I’ll save that for another post. Here’s a picture I took of the shoes with this vintage dress I have (I didn’t want Dave to hold up the real deal so I had him hold this one as a stand in).


Emily on 11:40 PM

sensible AND foxy! great find.

Anne on 1:34 AM

O....M....G.... those shoes are FABULOUS!!! Great find girl!!

Anonymous on 8:53 AM

they are so funky!!! great choice...

Samantha on 6:14 AM

thanks so much for the feedback! I feel validated! I liked them initially but then I second guessed and now I'm back to loving them. I want to wear them now but I guess I should wait. Yes, I'll be patient.

Anonymous on 6:34 PM

They're great! Where 's the store located?