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sam and dave: the shower

Keeping it brief this morning, right to Samantha:

Last weekend we had the pre-wedding party, it was so lovely. The weather was glorious! Having my friends and family together was the most wonderful experience. Everyone was very laid back; we ate, made almond biscotti, sat under the umbrella on the patio, relished the shade on the porch, lounged in the hammock, chatted in the Adirondack chairs and picnicked on the lawn. Here are some photos I took along with a lovely family portrait my friend/photographer extraordinaire Chad. The ones of me on the patio and on the lawn (peach dress) were taken by my photographer friend Erin. I was sad when the day was over but some of my family stayed on and we had a lovely dinner and started perusing childhood photos for the slideshow, it turns out that me and Dave went to the same day camp at the same time (weird coincidence!). It was a meaningful and memorable day that meant the world to Dave and me.


Anonymous on 8:56 AM

looked lovely- the peach dress is gorgeous! im excited for you both!

michelle on 10:17 AM

Oh how lovely you look, it seems like it was such a special day, thanks for sharing! on 4:00 PM

looks sweet on 9:37 AM

looks nice