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sam and dave: the bonding

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I ate way too much holiday type indulgent food this weekend and I really can't see eating again until August 2009, at the very earliest. So that means more time for blogging. Let's start with an update from Sam:

I got the wedding ring that I mentioned from Clay Pot. I look forward to wearing it for the rest of my life. The artist is Lisa Ceccorulli, Here’s what she says about her designs “"I like to look at three, five, and seven as symbols of the steps to contentment." The shapes of her jewelry take the forms of stepping stones used to make walkways through ancient Japanese gardens. The stones and plants were arranged in groups of threes, fives, and sevens.
On another little note, I spent last weekend with my family and Dave. Dave went back to work on Monday and then came up for Passover dinner with his family (which is now the tradition). I was on vacation this week so my dad suggested I stay on to work on picking the photographs for the slide show we’re planning for the wedding. But Dave, Pita (the doggie) and I wound up getting a ride back to the city with Dave’s family that night. I wrote a little email to my dad the next day because the weekend was so wonderful and full of bonding:
“Thank you so much for the beautiful weekend and holiday. I love being with you so much. I love you and mom so much.”

And my dad replied with the most touching little email that meant so much to me:
“I was having a HUGE love rush for you too. Talking to Mom this morning…that was why I really wanted you for another night… Somehow, although nothing is really changing, I am getting emotional about "losing my daughter. Love you to pieces!!”

I replied with this:
“you will never lose me. We are only growing closer and closer. You and mom are my favorite people and I'm never so happy as when I am with you and Dave. I love you so much Dad and look forward to many many more beautiful weekends together. Sweet dreams."


Anonymous on 4:33 PM

"love rush" what a thoughtful father...very sweet.