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Beautiful, affordable, and totally engagement worthy rings, and nary a diamond in sight. That's right. I said nary.
White Topaz and 18K Gold, by Jude Francis
Aquamarine and 22K Gold, by Cathy Waterman
Pale Sapphire and 18K Gold, by Barry Kronen


katie elaine on 12:32 PM

that pale sapphire is to die for!

Kate on 4:42 AM

The aquamarine ring is absolutely gorgeous...I like that its setting is slightly irregular

Caitlin on 1:48 PM

My fiance picked out my Jude Frances engagement ring at Michael C. Fina on Fifth Avenue in NYC. I absolutely love it and cannot imagine having any other ring. I went and browsed around Michael C. Fina with my then boyfriend, but was immediately drawn to Jude Frances. They have such an amazing selection of rings though. It was fun to go and look!
We are most likely going to head back there to pick out our wedding bands as well.