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cover up!

Where can I get a cute cover up for the church/temple/weather you ask? Ah, the $65,000 question! How to cover the shoulders, how to cover the shoulders... (those are finger drumming ellipses). Saeyoung Vu Couture is a great place to start the search. I love the little bolero style shrugs for a more casual event with a retro vibe, and the full length sleeves for a more formal affair. Don't forget to check out the ties and sashes while you're there!


Deadfish on 10:57 AM

Hello - I was just wondering if you have a current link to this site. I also LOVE the little bolero style shrugs but even when I google "Saeyound Vu Couture" the page comes up blank :( PLEASE HELP!! I am getting desperate!