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sam and dave: the hair

Hi everyone! Samantha sent me this post on Saturday, I'm sorry it's a little delayed. I've been away all weekend. Here's Sam!

Sunday is the pre-wedding party my aunts and uncles are throwing us at my parent’s house. I promise pictures next week. I’m really looking forward to it. It should be a lovely day full of games, cookie baking and lots of lounging in the sun. I’ll keep this weeks post brief. I would like to wear a hair accessory for the wedding. I happen to have long curly dark brown hair so I’m not doing an up do; I’m going to leave my hair loose and flowing. I might like to clip up the sides with a flower clip though and I keep wavering between buying a fake one or just getting a gardenia and bobby pinning it in. I love natural flowers but is it going to wilt in a minute or fall off if I bop around? The fake ones I’m seeing are fun but they look really unnatural and I don’t know if that’s my look. I love the vintage Billy Holiday thing with a flower on one side. Any tips and suggestions are welcome. I would love some input. Thanks!
*The ones above are from Jennifer Behr, and Nicole Kidman, respectively.


Anonymous on 1:10 AM

Your florist would probably know which kind wouldn't wilt, and which would be sturdy enough to stay put in your hair... if you really really wanted a real flower. But the fake ones look really nice when you're not inspecting them close up, and they'll be sturdy for sure. I bet it's not what you're going for, but I've also seen flowers made of wood that look really nice, and perhaps too abstract: enamel clips. Good luck, all are sure to be gorgeous!

Anonymous on 8:08 AM

my florist said no to gardenias -- they bruise easily and react badly to the oils from fingers.... so if you like the look of a gardenia, fake might be in your future.

Anonymous on 8:51 AM

flowers are tough. i think if you ask around, you will be able to find one that suits your look. i bought a headband from jennifer behr for my upcoming wedding- i love it.

heather hilsinger on 11:00 AM

my sister had Ranunculus flowers - I think about 3 of them - in her curly hair and it looked great. She had her florist wrap a few of them and they lasted all night...they also come in a variety of colors and intensities so you should be able to find a color that works for you.

Anonymous on 1:19 PM

Gardenias wilt easily, but you can either A) take them to a florist and have them spray it with a sealant (I think it's called alum?) to make it last longer, or have a few gardenias on hand, that you can switch throughout the night to make sure you always have a fresh one. Or, you could go with a more sturdy flower like an orchid or wax flowers.

Samantha on 5:26 AM

all great suggestions. I did not even think of going to a florist and having the flowers wrapped in a bunch. I will check that out. I'll also check out the spay and the Rinunculous. Aaaand Jennifer Behr. I love the little flowers in the picture but I might want to go with au natural. We'll see....

Alyson on 11:57 AM

check out i got a beautiful very real looking orchid for my hair

kate on 3:08 PM

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