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let's hear it for the boys

You've heard of boy bands? These are man bands! I don't cater to grooms much on this site, but it wouldn't be a wedding without one! I do, however, recognize that for most husbands-to-be this website would be... formidable territory. That being the case, I'm counting on you girls to spread the word about this amazing jeweler. Wes & Gold specializes in handmade gold and titanium jewelry and has the largest selection of unique and interesting wedding bands for men I've ever seen. If your mister is looking for something a smidge left of center, I think you found his jeweler!


mo on 6:22 PM

I just love these. I think I'll get one for my mister. (for our 31st anniversary!) They are so handsome!

Anne on 11:47 PM

Those are fabulous!! What a great find!

Anonymous on 2:36 AM

I second Anne and mo. They're Grreeat!

J Sandifer on 6:28 PM

Thanks for the find...these are cool!

Sandy on 7:03 PM

My husband loves his titanium rings. Its tough looking enough he says and is totally durable!