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wediquette, shmediquette

I'm pleased to announce that I'm teaming up with Xochitl Gonzalez, of Always a Bridesmaid Wedding Consulting to bring you a new weekly, (or semi-weekly) post about wediquette, entitled "Wediquette, Shmediquette" (I came up with that all by myself).
Anyway... in each "Wediquette, Shmediquette" post Xochitl will answer a question submitted by you. That's right, you. All you have to do is click on "submit question" over there in right hand sidebar under "wediquette". Each week (or so) Xochitl will choose one of your questions and address it. What qualifies Xochitl (pronounced So-cheel) to answer your very sensitive etiquette questions you might ask? Well, it just so happens she's a fantastic, (and certified) Wedding Planner and a tireless wedding coach and she has 7 years of experience in events. She's also recently married herself! You can check out her wedding consulting website here, or visit her blog here. Don't forget to submit your questions. The juicier the better. I want to be entertained!


Jhong Ren on 1:54 AM

money seemed to be always the problem for wedding couples..short of money...planning wedding is always so costly...what can the wedding couples do about this?

michelle on 9:43 AM

Oh great, I am recently engaged, and totally clueless! We considered eloping, all so overwhelming, but now I am going to learn about weddings, very exciting, and I love reading your blog!