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trolling ebay 6


Hi-ho the dairy-o. A trolling we will go:

Make your own chocolate wedding favors! I'm thinking white chocolate, decorated with tiny sugared mint leaves (of course).
Sometimes shoes are boring.
Your wedding should not be one of those times.
These earrings could really shine with a grecian inspired gown.
This would be adorable with that Norwegian wedding pin I posted a few weeks ago! Circa 1880!
Antique ivory against your dark hair! Gasp.
I'm in love with the detailing on the bottom of this dress. Not sure how I feel about the capelet.

ink for us!

Horay! Ink for us.

A giant thanks to Quest Magazine here in NYC for mentioning KenzieKate in their Essentials Issue. I'm touched to be included in with such fantastic company as Sylvia Weinstock Cakes, Lovin' Sullivan, and Smythson of Bond Street, as one of their pics for "Party Central" Essentials 2006-2007.

Pomander How-To

I'm so happy to be back! I missed my apartment, my friends, my cat. Whoops. I don't have a cat.
SO... the wedding was gangbusters. The bride was ethereal, resplendent... lovely. There will be pictures of the couple and the decor soon. I promise.
The paper poppy pomanders could not have worked better! People were wowed. And now I'm back and overwhelmed with the number of people who want to make their own paper poppy pomanders! So I'm going to spill the beans and tell you how the bride and I made them.

The process of attaching the flowers to the paper lanterns couldn't be simpler. Get a glue gun, goop up the bottom of the flower, and stick it on.
Ta Da.
The hard part is the actual making of the flowers. (Duh.) We ended up using so many different methods for constructing the flowers. We used felt, cardstock, tissue paper, numberous kinds of fabric, and vinyl. In short, we really let our creative juices flow.
The tissue is the most economical material, and the easiest flowers to make so we used a ton of them, mainly as filler to stretch the more complex flowers.
The felt, cardstock, and fabric flowers were more time consuming and more expensive to make, so we made fewer of those and tucked them in between the tissue flowers for variation and intrigue.
At first we needed help figuring how to make the more complex flowers, and we ordered a flower making kit from here. Once we got the knack it became easy to invent our own flowers. We used less expensive paper and realized that we didn't need templates or wire or anything fancy. Our flowers were a bit off the map, but I didn't hear any complaints at the wedding.
One of the flowers I love to make is just a long strip of paper with slits cut in it (sort of resembling a comb). Just roll it up, glue the end, and splay out the petals. Instant mum.
I hope that answered some of your questions. If you do plan on making a flower ball (or 9 flower balls) of your own, be warned that it is not a quick activity. It took two very crafty people a long time to make as many flowers as we made. AND we enlisted the help of family and bridal shower guests. But in the end, I think it was worth it. The Bride and I bonded. We are now glue-gun blister sisters. Yeah, it was totally worth it.

aaaannnnnd done.

Portrait of a ton of work!
The last flower

Oh. oh. oh. The humanity. The poetry. The sheer beauty of our blood, sweat, and tears... oh, AND the melodrama, there's that too.
That's the last you'll hear from me until Monday folks. I'll be in The MiddleofNowhere for the wedding. No internet, no cell phones. No blog. But there sure is going to be some fun when I get back. You bet your bippy.

paper poppy pomanders procreate

the proud parents of a flower ball
The happy couple, plus flower baby #1, plus cat, plus clean living room.

aw.... so cute

And then there were three... (after 4 short hours of glue gun slinging).
Time passes...............
And now there are seven! Woah. That was a lot of glue. Karen (the FSIL) and I totally rocked the flower balls today. I have no less than 4 visible blisters from the hot glue. It's tricky stuff. It just kind of wants to touch you, even when you don't want it to. Kind of like that creepy guy who stands too close in the subway... just like him. Only hotter.
Tomorrow will be a piece of cake compared to today, only 2 more balls left. Then we get to hang them in the tent!
*By the way: The living room? No longer clean.

canada should charge me rent

Greetings from Toronto! We're about a week out from the big paper poppy extravaganza, and I'm in town to help my FSIL with last minute stuff. I'll be here in T-town for the next week until the wedding on Saturday, so there will be fewer posts than usual. I'll be back with loads of info, ideas, and pictures when I return to New York next Monday.
In the mean time, I'm taking lots of pictures of the paper poppies in progress. Stay tuned for more from North o' the border, if I can figure out how to get my images out of the camera and into a computer with an internet connection. If I'm not mistaken, there's a Mac, a PC, a memory stick, some sort of "reader", a cable, an ipod, and a partridge in a pair tree all involved in the transfer.
Don't ask.

diy vows

Always a sticking point, the vows. Do you write your own? Do you memorize? Do you repeat after me? What are the options, other than "love, honor... obey"?
Usually your officiant can help you decide, but you may want to do a little research on your own. You know, give some serious thought about what you'd like to promise to do for ever and ever.
I found a nice reference here, and especially love the Blessing of the Hands Ceremony. sniff, sniff. Nothing. No. What? I'm not crying. I just got some, uh, finger, I mean I poked myself in the eye with my finger, by accident. Anyway... They also have a nice smattering of different ceremonies and customs performed by other cultures that might be meaningful to you and Hubs Jr. over there.

Photo from KarenScape photography

trolling ebay 5

Tra la la. Let's get right down to it. Shall we?

I love this first dress for so many reasons! If only I were tall and unwed...
The pattern on this wedding kimono is so cool right now.
Lastly we have a Norwegian wedding pin called a Solje. Because, as I've stated before, culture becomes all of us.

dainty and delicate

Oh so pretty! I love the lacyness of these pieces from khw jewelry. Definately worth a peek if you're on the prowl for a really special piece to define a bridal/special ensemble.

retro dresses

A little retro to start your Tuesday off right! I love the blue 3/4 sleeve number. What a fun alternative for a fall bridesmaid! Whoa... with the brown clutch! I love it.
*A note of warning* I think one must use caution when accessorizing these retro style dresses. Any use of horn rimmed glasses with these garments is discouraged. The presence of a snood or a pillbox hat could very well make you appear as though in costume. I'd suggest a more modern approach, expecially in regard to your hair/head wear. No pin curls. That being said, I would never, ever discourage you from wearing some peep toe pumps. Never.
Also, when you go to the website, click on the Daddio's link at the bottom of the menu. It will take you to the shopping section of the website. I can't link to it for some reason.

colorful clutches

Affordable clutch handbags! They exist! I love that these all seem to be throw-backs from a more glamorous time. How cute would the brown one be with almost any color 'maids dress? Blue, pink, purple, orange... I could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

sad face

My hard drive has moved on to the next life. This would normally not be such a sad state of affairs, however my dubiously inadequate back-up routine was, um, dubiously inadequate. Please learn from me and back it all up now. Your computer is not going to leave you a love note that says "Dear Computer User: This is the last time we will see each other. When you return from out-of-town, I will be long gone. So please back up all important data."
Would have been nice. But alas, no such courtesy.
Luckily, most of my business stuff was backed up so KenzieKate won't be affected. But, my photos, my illustrations... I am sad.

wedding scents

I think I've heard it said that the sense of smell is the most nostalgic of all the senses. I'd buy that. One wiff of a rhubarb pie and I'm back at my Meme's house in CT. Just a hint of White Shoulders and I'm 9, back in my Gramma's bedroom. There's a distinct smell in the air in early fall, I think it's a combination of the city finally smelling less like garbage and the dry leaves that are floating around that takes me right back to the moment when my mister proposed.
So why not choose a new smell, a wedding smell, for the big day?
Everytime you get a wiff, you'll be wisked back.
I love the scents offered at Lothantique. They offer a nice mix of really natural smells that aren't over powering. The Green Tea is my favorite, followed closely by the Marine scent, which sounds like it could be gross, but it isn't. Think fresh salt air and grass, not a clambake.

vintage inspiration

Earning the "Something Old" part of my title:

Vogue Magazine, circa October 1922. By Eduardo Benito.
Notice the mantilla comb reflected in the mirror, (scroll down to trolling ebay 4 to get yours today). I also just love the brooch she's sporting on her hip. So very hip.

trolling ebay 4

I wasn't even well enough last week to post a "trolling ebay" segment for you, so this week it's extra ebay fun for everyone.

Mantilla Comb: So pretty and detailed, it makes me want to stomp out a flamenco right here.
Brussels Lace Cathedral Length Veil: This is a total steal. Trust me, antique lace is expensive.
Art Deco Lucite Hair Comb: So perfect with a retro sheath or a satin column dress.
Brocade Winter Wedding Coat: This? This must have been Audrey's.
Vogue Party Dress in Lace and Satin: Loving that little fluff of lace at the back, but I'm not allowed to say "CUTE", so I'll just let you do the math. (it doesn't count if it's in quotes)
Peter Pan Collar Wedding Dress: Could Peter Pan collars be anymore "in" right now?

the boutonniere

One thing that I didn't think about at all AT ALL for my wedding was boutonnieres for the men in my life. It just didn't occur to me.
For everything there is a season, or so they say, and my time to contemplate boutonnieres has come.
My super almost sister-in-law Karen has asked me to take care of the boots (as I now affectionately refer to them). I am in charge of the vegetation the men will be sporting the day of the wedding. Weird concept when you think about it... But I won't think about it too long. Being very creative, someone reasonably color coordinated, and being the person with the largest horde of ribbon I know, I feel as though I'm a good choice for the job.
I like these three options. I'm feeling the first one, with the addition of a bundle of tiny red buds or orange berries? Maybe with a orangy grosgrain ribbon instead of the green? What does everyone think? Her wedding colors are very warm reds and oranges with bits of purple and sprays of grass thrown in.
*these images courtesy of my Summer 2006 copy of "Weddings" by Better Homes and Gardens.

the dooce

I know I'm probably the last person on earth to discover this blog, Dooce. Please don't make fun of me. I found it last night, whilst poking around on Fashion is Spinach.
Since that time, I have relived entire chunks of Heather B. Armstrong's life, mainly the really juicy parts. I went cross eyed reading all the back logged entries from when she was pregnant. I read about her super husband. I got all weepy when she was talking about her struggle with depression. I feel like I know her baby, Leta.
I wasted entire chunks of this morning reading about the terrible twos.
It's better than TV. It's better than books. I hate books. I read blogs. I feel like I know this woman. I feel her pain. I want to invite her over for drinks. I want to pick up a copy of US Weekly for her at the grocery store, because I know that she likes them.

*Mom: I don't really hate books.

choco choco goodness

Did I mention that out of town guests and members of bridal parties love chocolate? This chocolate is purdy. **I also happen to like chocolate, if anyone's asking.

classy baubles

Thanks to Joy for pointing me in the direction of the classy baubles over at Naomi. Classy, yet inspired. Nice. I love the pearl necklace in the middle.

kara janx for bridesmaids

Oh, how I've missed you! I'm so happy to get back to my regular life. I've been battling a "stomach flu". Which by the way, is not pleasant. If someone offers, you do not want one of those.
I found these cute dresses at Kara Janx. I love the long sleeve silk wrap style dresses. The silk skirts could also be a really colorful alternative to matching bridesmaids dresses, if you're feeling spunky. I'm thinking each 'maid in a different color skirt for a summer wedding with a colorful theme. The skirts can also be worn a number of ways as little shorty dresses or what have you. So cute. CUTE! I'm not supposed to be using that adjective anymore. What I meant to say was attractive.
SO ATTRACTIVE. More to come. I've got pent up blogging energy.

jolly be bakery

The craze of "painted" cakes is really taking shape. I think these are both stunning.
Both are from Jolly Be Bakery, in our very own Park Slope!

a coupe for two

Not really feeling the limo vibe?
Personally, I was dying to rent a vintage taxi cab for my wedding, but sort of gave up on it because it seemed too difficult to coordinate. You can imagine my delight when I saw an article in Brides New York Magazine about, a NYC area business renting antique cars and drivers out for films, photo shoots or weddings.
There are, I've found, other companies renting antique cars around the country, often for prices better than those of limo rentals. A good listing of companies offering this service can be found at

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