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it's finally here!

Dell and I are off to Lake Placid for our summer vacation! Posting will be light next week as we'll be in the woods. While I'm gone, feel free to wander thru any of my other 601 (!!) posts for your wedding fix. I'll be posting about the resort where we're staying when I get back, I think it's going to be a great place for honeymoons, so I'll take lots of pictures! In the mean time, stay cool and come back and see me for regularly scheduled posting on the 4th of August.
**Anyone have any suggestions of things to do in Lake Placid?

a morroccan glow

These pieces from Z Gallery would be adorable on a buffet table, as centerpieces, or as decorations at the ceremony. Grouping all the different sizes together creates a nice effect. Candle holders and Lanterns, love them!


pass the pattern please

While these are not my typical blue and white, I love the variations in the patterns. I would totally pair these with some wooden serving pieces for summer. Here for details.

heavy and not-so-heavy metals

If you were looking for something extra special to give as a gift or if you wanted a "little" something for yourself, either of these beautiful bracelets would be perfect (not to mention timeless). I cannot for the life of me decide which of these I like better... silver? gold? Don't know. Both available thru Vivre.


too hot.

Sitting directly in front of the fan in my 120 degree livingroom, I feel as thought I will never be able to wear pants again. It's too hot. I will have to wear dresses for the rest of all time. I will start with this one by Foley + Corrina.

enjoy your weekends!

These are cute! Having a winter wedding? A travel themed one? These would be adorable at the shower or as favors at the wedding. I love the detail in the snowflakes. I wish I knew how they did that. Thanks Brenda for the heads up!
Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to my parent's place for an escape from the heat. Stay cool!


Feeling like a little jewelry therapy tonight after a long day of tying ribbon and crunching numbers. These beauties come in a set of three from Zoe & Morgan, and are currently on sale at a delightful 40% off.

something to inspire

For an illustrator turn fashion/wedding enthusiast it doesn't get better than this. I will be inspired/distracted/amused for weeks.

diy buttons

These DIY buttons would be a perfect party favor, especially if you dropped them into these cute little boxes. You know me, I love anything I can do myself! Both available thru Cox and Cox.

les indiennes

Happy Friday everyone! I'm getting my blog on from sunny Connecticut today, enjoying the nice weather and working pool-side. We're spending the weekend celebrating my birthday, my sister's birthday (we're twins), my mother's birthday, and my grandmother's birthday. There's going to be cake!
I spotted these amazing textiles by Les Indiennes over at Decor 8, and thought that anyone looking to fluff their nest might appreciate a link. Even if you can't splurge on their textiles their photos are amazing. I love the paradoxical mix of solid and dainty, familiar and exotic. Enjoy the eye candy and your weekends everyone!


my eye on eyelet

Eyelet. It's not for every wedding, but if you've got that casual hippy-chic style going on, it's the perfect choice. I love the simple, elegant version of it in this J. Crew gown. I can't help but wonder if this dress wouldn't be better on someone with a little more curve on top? I think the neck line could really show off some nice cleav. Anyone try this one on?


sweeth tooth

I came across the work of Whipped Bakeshop via Oh Joy! and thought I'd pass on the eye candy. They are based in Philadelphia, but they deliver! I love the monogram and the fresh color palette.


a new eternity band

I love these simple, yet elegant little rings. The sillouette is so delicate, and the shape is so timeless. I think something like this would be great as an alternative to a traditional wedding band. Available in gold or silver by Adina, from Pink Mascara.

my kind of dress

I love this dress from Nicole Miller. I think it's the blending of the South Asian vibe with the "Dress of the Future" vibe. Altogether, it's something I can really get on board with.
I'm back from my guest blog over at Design Sponge, and posting should be much more regular this week. I had a great time! Thanks to everyone who visited and left such nice comments!


This looks amazing right now! I'm adding the Dwell Studio Chinoiserie Pearl Bedding to my wishlist, and thinking you might want to add it to your registry. Design Public offers a ton of amazing decor stuff, along with a registry service to make asking for it that much easier.


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