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vivi reborn

Don't you love the distressed look of these? All from Vivi Reborn. I've got my eye on that bracelet, although I would actually have to wear something that's not yoga pants in order to pull it off.
Off to get Halloween candy for our trick-or-treaters!

taking care of business

Taxes? Done! New pattern? Finished! Sleepin baby? Check!
Next I have to find a wedding/housewarming gift for my good friend who's getting married this fall... I love the embroidered goodies from September House (via Decor8) and I think I might just go for one of those adorable monograms. Last on the list is grocery shopping and vacuuming. Confession: I haven't vacuumed since the baby was born.

petal to the metal, go baby go

Thanks to everyone for your patience this past week. Life with a newborn has proven to be quite unpredictable and keeping up with the feedings, the blog, the job, the housework... it's tricky. Everyday I have been trying to make a list of things that MUST get done, and at least complete those - but even then it's like trying to hit a moving target because I never know when Niko is going to need my attention. The hubs is in charge of the baby today, so I have some good 2 hour chunks between feedings where I can get some serious stuff done. Yay! I'm working on some new designs for Kenzie Kate's 2010 collection and I'm doing my quarterly taxes. These two things are at the top and the bottom of my "Favorite Things To-Do" list, I'll let you guess which is which.
But before I do either, I have some adorable bobbies to share, from Petal Mix. I would wear any of these just to spice up an ordinary outfit any day of the week, but I can imagine them really rounding out a nice bridal shower ensemble or rehearsal dinner look. They've got that handmade, I'm-not-taking-myself-too-seriously thing going on, which I love.

feeling sleepish

I know, I've been missing. I'm sorry. The picture above says more than I ever could about why. I don't normally do photoshoots when my child is in distress, but he started to protest as I was taking his picture. Between the little guy having gas issues and work, I'm just barely keeping my head on straight. Do not despair, I will not be making a habit of this slacker schedule with the posting, I just have to get a nap and then... hlkdishfapoifwlasd... ooops sorry, I fell asleep whilst typing.


Love this! From Hattie Rex.

Congratulations to Ashleigh (commenter #24) for being picked at random as the lucky winner of a year long premium subscription to Wedding Jojo! Ashleigh - use the contact button on the right to contact me and claim your prize!

birdy bowls

With so many couples choosing a bird or a woodland theme for their wedding, these bird bowls would make a great gift - for the couple or the bridal party. I love the lacy looking set. From Prince Design UK.

*I just closed comments on yesterday's post. Thanks to everyone who commented. I will announce the winner tomorrow! Good luck everyone!

wedding jojo

I got an email from Parker over at Wedding Jojo today, offering a free year long membership for one of my readers. I don't normally do contests, but I was really impressed with the features and thoughtfulness of the design options offered on with their service. They offer a free option, but the features are limited, and you only really have one design template to choose from. If a wedding website is part of your plan, consider the more comprehensive plan - looks like they've thought of everything!
If you'd like to enter to win the free year-long premium membership at Wedding Jojo - just leave a comment below by noon (EST) tomorrow, and I will announce the winner (chosen at random) on Thursday.
Good luck!

neither snow...

Free-spirited calligraphy is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, there's a place in my heart for fussy script, but I just love the casual quality of the lettering by Neither Snow (as in "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.", I presume?). Via Oh Joy!
Have a great weekend everyone! Dell and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend with my first real sushi dinner since finding out I was pregnant last January. I'm so looking forward to putting on pants with a lycra content of less than 80%, that do not come up to my boobs! Yay for regular-person pants, raw fish, and awesome husbands!


bandoblack Black Label. Candy for the eyes. Via Oh Joy!

whimsical woodland chic

Love this! The ferns, the button, all of it! From The Honeycomb.


Perhaps I'm the last to know, but I just discovered Spoonflower, an online custom fabric printer that allows anyone to print yards of fabric of their own design. As a pattern obsessed person, this is huge for me. I could literally spend the next 3 days doing nothing but making fabrics, printing swatches and ordering yardage. I have a stool in my entry way that desperately needs reupholstering, and have not been able to find suitable fabric. Spoonflower! I have patterns I love that I've created for wedding invitations, and have been dying to find alternate uses for them. Spoonflower! I'm sure more than a few of you might be interested in this for wedding decor. Think table cloths, flower girl dresses, DIY projects, centerpieces... the possibilities are endless. The fabric gets pretty pricey if you needs lots of yards, but if you want only a couple yards to create accents - the price is right!

pick your popcorn

I posted a few weeks back about popcorn at the reception, but check out this idea from Utterly Engaged... A popcorn bar! I love the champagne flutes, they make the ordinary popcorn seem like a true delicacy. Guests can experiment with all sorts of fun flavor combinations, and it would be quite inexpensive to set up all on your own!

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