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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

message cookies

In keeping with yesterday's dessert theme, I spotted these adorable cookie cutters yesterday over on Ohdeedoh. I thought they could work beautifully for cookie favors i.e. "Ann and Bill 1.29.10". OR! place cards/seating cards that double as favors! I realize this would involve resetting the type for each cookie then stamping a different name on each, but wouldn't that be cool? No doubt it would be kind of tedious for a large wedding (I wouldn't recommend it if you were expecting say... 400 people) but it wouldn't be expensive, and in my opinion, the best seating cards are edible seating cards! Message Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma.

so sweet

Ooooo. Rosanna has introduced a bunch of new serving pieces that would be just perfect for weddings. I love, love, love the compotes and cake stands and would make them part of my dessert table any day of the week! So jealous that Amy of Sweet Designs has one to give away!

Confession: if I had one, I would keep it!

oh my deer

Even though I've seen a thousand headband designs, these seem so fresh and different! From Oh My Deer.
Via Oh Joy!

laura stark

Laura from Laura Stark emailed me yesterday to introduce her amazing jewelry and announce her new bridal line. I think she's really hit the nail on the head with her combination of laid-back, contemporary, but still very special pieces. If you are looking for something that makes a bit more of a statement, check out her Downtown line. Thanks, Laura!
Have a great weekend everyone!

feathery finery

From Sweet Grass Mill.

henderson dry goods

These remind me of my long lost favorite earrings. I might just be ready to move on... From Henderson Dry Goods.

feeling felty

I came across a very inexpensive source of felt recently in loads of different colors (if you are in the Providence area, Lorraine Fabrics in Pawtucket has huge bolts of felt on sale in their Bargain Loft for $2 a yard- sorry, no online shop). I'm dying to find something to do with my new stash, and my sister put into my head to make a wreath. I have come across some fabulous projects in my search that might be interesting to all you crafty brides out there. Links to the tutorials are below:
Mum wreath - not originally designed for felt... but you could totally do it.
Felt Flower Wreath - So cute!
Winter Wedding Wreath - involves some additional material, but beautiful nonetheless.
Felt Ruffle Wreath - I love this one, it's so beautiful in white.

feeling ethereal this morning

I posted a while back about Louise Broad and her amazing line of ethereal shrugs, vests and hair accessories, but I wanted to post a few newer ones because they are just fantastic and you can never have too many shrugs to choose from! I keep picturing the one up top with a glamorous up-do and a slinky, bias-cut mermaid style gown - a la 1938-ish.


poor haiti.

I'm just so overwhelmed by the stories of suffering coming out of Haiti this morning. I was listening to the Brian Lehrer Show (it's a WNYC radio show we listen to every morning) and a Haitian New Yorker called in saying that his mother had called him from Haiti on her cell phone. She was trapped in her home, legs pinned under rubble, and he had no way to help her. He couldn't get to her, (there's no way to get into Haiti right now), he had called the Red Cross and a bunch of other places only to wait on hold for hours. In desperation, he called the radio show to say her address on-air so that anyone listening would know where she was, in hopes that someone might be able to help. He was at his wit's end, just desperate to save his mom. It was so horribly sad.
I would feel completely useless posting anything other than the following today:

Send a text message saying "YELE" to 501501 to donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Foundation (the cost will be added to your cell phone bill).
Send a text message saying “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross (the cost will be added to your cell phone bill).

**The address, as I understood it, is this:
The woman is the mother of Charles Darvey of NY, is trapped under her house at 300 Avenue Mavramboise (?), Port-au-Prince, Carrefour

quirky beauty

Jennifer over at Earth Friendly Weddings turned me on to the work of Quirky Beauty last week, and I absolutely love these headbands! You don't see beading like that everywhere, you just don't.

twiggy tweasures

I got a delightful email from the nice folks at Bittersweets, and wanted to share their amazing work. I absolutely love their new twig rings! The marquise cut diamond twig is my favorite!

felted wreath

We got married in a very unassuming spot where you might not expect there to be a wedding, and we needed a way to direct guests to the door -"WEDDING! THIS WAY!"- without actually putting a sign on the door. Our solution was to ask our florist to make us a big wreath from our wedding flowers. I thought it looked great, but it wasn't cheap! This DIY wreath from Pickles would have been even more awesome, and I could have totally done it myself for way less! They have billed it as a Christmas wreath, but I could see it working year round, and you could even use your wedding colors to personalize it a bit. Wouldn't it look great in yellow and white on the door of a church? In fact, I think I'm going to do a black and white one for over our mantle, just for kicks.
Spotted over at Ohdeedoh.

fresh for '10!

Once a year I get to design new invitations for Kenzie Kate. It is by far my favorite time of year because I can dig thru my inspiration files and go crazy with fonts and patterns. This year I managed to complete three new invites that I'm really proud of. So please pardon me while I toot my own horn a little and share a little of my design work with you!

The St. Augustine is all hand drawn, each flower and pine cone started out as a doodle in my sketchbook. I scanned everything in and created a repeating pattern for the folder and used bits and pieces of the pattern for each individual piece of the set. I love this set for outdoor weddings. It's romantic and quirky and cheerful all at the same time and I love that it takes on a totally different feel in different color schemes (check out the "More Colors" button at the bottom of this page).

The Miami has been on the drawing board for two years now. I wanted to create a sleek, retro-inspired invite that looked like something out of Dean Martin's scrapbook but would still be modern enough to incorporate the great colors and extra enclosures that come with a modern wedding. I had the pattern made, but the perfect script font evaded me until this year, but now that I've found it I'm so glad I waited.

The Copenhagen is one of those designs that just came very easily. I believe they call it "flow". The pattern, colors, and bird drawings sort of fell into place really neatly one day. This one looks great in a million different color schemes and fills a casual, folksy niche without being too "country kitchen". I love the combination of the big bold bird drawings with the small scale pattern on the folder. I also really dig that it's got a different lovebird on each piece of the set. Very romantic.

I hope you like them!

Goodbye 2009

Goodbye 2009! You were so good, and so crappy all at the same time. You were a beautiful party with the constant threat of a downpour. You brought me my son, and the whole new world that comes with him, BUT you were emotionally challenging to say the least, and you were a little B*#^@ financially. I'm a stronger person for having experienced you.
But 2010?! In 2010 we will party without the fear of rain diluting our bubbles. We are all ready. Bring it.

Apropo image from Timeless Paper.

Mackenzie's Sketchbook