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Thankful for a healthy baby.
Thankful that one of the new designs I just got back from the printer looks awesome (I tried something new and was sweatin it a little).
Thankful for everyone who has offered to help us with dishes, dinner, laundry and life in the last 2 months.
Thankful for the people who read my blog :)
Thankful for my family, all of them (Law's and in-Law's)
Thankful for the 7 un-interrupted hours of sleep I got last night. Glory, Hallelujah.

Anyone else care to share?

sweet and easy

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a week of extravagant eating! I'm in charge of the squash, the corn, and an appetizer at our family dinner. If anyone has any great recipes, let me know! Niko slept like a champion last night, so I just might have the energy to tackle some serious cooking this week. If however, you're lacking in the sleep, energy or money department, check out these fun cake shortcuts! I spotted these over at Amy Atlas's blog, Sweet Designs. You apply the decals to plain icing, and wha la!, instant designer cake! They're entirely edible... very sweet indeed! From Ticings.


The most fantastic idea for an outdoorsy-type wedding favor. S'mores kits. Yup. Can't believe I've never seen this before. From Twig and Thistle.

michelle doll

I ran across the work of Michelle Doll in New York Magazine's Wedding edition, come to find out, she's based right out of my old neighborhood! I love the modern geometric shapes mixed with three dimensional sugar flowers.


I don't know if you caught design*sponge on Friday, but Grace's new segment called "beyond the big day" debuted with some wonderful images of a Spirograph (remember those?) inspired wedding/party set up. Don't miss it.

ruffles: no one can have just one!

New from J. Crew: The Streamer Dress. I love the minute ruffles, they give the dress such a great texture! J. Crew always surprises me with their willingness to experiment with new things!
Have a great weekend everyone!

sweet pleats

I love this dress! How cute would this be in white for a honeymoon get-away outfit, or a rehearsal dinner? The collar is my favorite part. Available in a bunch of great colors - making it a no brainer for bridesmaids too! From Amanda Archer.

the beez neez

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Niko slept for 6.5 hours straight last night! Not a peep out of him. This might not sound like a big deal to you, but for me, HUGE. We are hoping this trend continues so that we can be humans again and sleep for more than 2.5 hours at a time. Yay for small victories!
In other news, check out this adorable paper cut! My sister sent me a link last Friday, and I thought it would be a perfect wedding present (for you or from you, whichever). From Made by Julene.

nice package

Happy Friday everyone! I'm elbow deep in ribbon this afternoon, so I thought I'd post a great source for trimmings and such. Nice Package (don't you love the name?) sells gift tags, twine, ribbon, pendants, and all sorts of creative paraphenalia for making... a nice package! Check them out and have a great weekend!

louise broad

My friend Deirdre sent me a link to the amazing shawls and shrugs over at Louise Broad. I love the petals, they make everything looks so soft and romantic!

my tree and me

I saw these on Design Sponge yesterday, and couldn't resist. Wouldn't this be an amazing wedding gift? Customized, graphically awesome family trees from My Tree and Me, sure beats those scotch-taped computer print-outs I have stuffed in an album in the basement.


Gorgeous, creative calligraphy from Primele. I love the details, it's all about the details!


Bold statements of love... from Bold and Noble.

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