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good tidings

Over the river and thru the woods to Grandmother's house we go! We don't have a horse, but the Nissan will get us thru the drifting snow for sure! Enjoy the holiday with your families and friends and stay warm (this happens to be the coziest thing I have ever seen). Happy.... Whatever! See you next week!

short story

I was helping my sister shop for a fabulous dress last week when I found this. Wouldn't it be fabulous for a casual wedding? I love the pleat detailing.
In other news, we had a smashing weekend with our friends from Brooklyn. They only meant to stay one night on their way home to Vermont for Christmas, but got snowed in and couldn't leave. It was fantastic. Thanks, Mother Nature!
See below for more short dress fabulosity, this time with 100% more feathers! Equally as wonderful, perhaps for a more flamboyant affair. Both from Nordstrom's.


leah c sale!

Leah C, queen of New York millinery is having a big sale today thru Saturday if you are in the area and have a minute to pop by. Veils, hair accessories and hats are all less than $100, so you could get an amazing deal! You might even find something smashing to wear New Year's Eve!

awesome wedding gowns under $1000?

Yup. In a world where a white gown from J. Crew can cost $2200 and "call for pricing" means "If you have to ask, you can't afford it", it's refreshing to see gowns under $1000 with so much style and grace. I'm a sucker for those Grecian inspired details. From Saja, here for the details.

on the cuff

Nothing brings a Monday to life like the discovery of a whole new genre of wedding accessory. For those seeking an opulent, glam-punk, ultra-feminine vibe, behold the cuff! I love the vaguely 80's flavor of this one in particular, but Boutique Bonheur's other pieces range from dainty antique lace fit for a Czarina to highly detailed, embroidered works of art that would be right at home on the wrists of Marie Antoinette.
* Edit: I've entered this post in the 2009 Independent Design Blog-off. All you bloggers, check the link for deets!

twiggy favors

Christmas shipping (not shopping, shipping)! Arg. I'm signing off for the week to go battle it out at the Post Office to get my presents to Cananda ahead of Santa.
In the mean time, wouldn't these make adorable favors? From Alliebeans.

gurly girl

These really jumped off the Etsy page this morning! I can imagine passing one of these handmade silver and bronze hair combs thru the generations, they seem that well made. I love the simple silver leaves, they'd be perfect for all those woodland themed weddings everyone seems to be planning! Handmade in New Orleans by Monique Leon of Gurly Girl.

let it snow!

It snowed here over the weekend and put everyone in a festive holiday mood. We got our Christmas tree and decorated the house - something we have never really done before, but wanted to this year to make Niko's first Christmas special. Now the whole house smells like an evergreen, and I'm thinking of doing even more decorating because I'm so pleased with how the first round changed the mood in the house! This snowflake curtain project from Bugs and Fishes is calling my name! I also thought this would be an amazing project for a crafty winter bride, imagine this times 10 hanging in a larger window or an open space... pretty!


Oh, they've really done it this time! J. Crew's Spring Wedding Lookbook has me wishing I could do it all over again. None of the above or below are available yet, but you can pre-order! I'm in LOVE with the one shouldered one, l-o-v-e.


carol hannah

I was a little surprised to run across Carol Hannah this morning on my daily stroll thru the Etsy Wedding section. A little piece of primetime pop-culture, right there... just like any other listing. I clicked on the dress before I realized who's work it was, but sure enough, it's THE Carol Hannah of Project Runway. I guess it speaks highly of her work that I would be drawn to it even without knowing who made it. I love the flouncy details and the construction looks amazing. Her wedding gowns are priced a little out of my league, but her bridesmaid's dresses are very reasonable not to mention different and I'm willing to bet, very flattering.

q is for quail

I'm back. Phew. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! I enjoyed turkey and all the fixin's in Connecticut this year. Niko was lucky enough to spend some time with BOTH of his great-grandmothers, and I was lucky enough to have two aunties, two grandparents and a partridge and a pear tree to help me look after the little squeaker. We had a wonderful time!
First off this week are some beautiful, vintage inspired bridesmaid's dresses from Quail. They specialize in custom colors and fashion forward dresses (sounds good to me!). I love the ruffled top "Peony Dress", especially on a group of slender chicks... tres chic!

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