noritake unique wedding favors unique wedding favors
Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

three little birds...

I'm not sure why these pretty little accessories from Lladros are called "Re-cyclos", but I love them just the same. Each piece features the ever so chic twig and bird theme, either in silver or 18 K gold with porcelain birdies. I picked the hair stick and the brooch above, but there are also earrings, cuff links and necklaces. I think any of these would be a great addition to any stylish modern gown.

i've got the blues

1ofmykind etsy
I would really love to have enough energy right now to make up a snazzy "something blue" quip about this gorgeous jewelry, but I can't. I'm barely holding my head up. I went to this "Punk Rope" class the other day, where you jump rope for 45 minutes... now I'm having trouble controlling the lower half of my body. I'm going to stop complaining now and let you check out the awesome (and awesomely affordable) stuff over at the 1ofmykind Etsy store. They happen to have several great blue pieces, but don't miss out if you've already got your blue. They've got a nice selection of yellow, green... the list goes on.

jenny packham fall 07

Jenny Packham '07
The details on Jenny Packham's Fall 2007 collection are my favorite! Everything is so 1920's glamorous-glamorous (I can't even think that word now without THAT song popping into my head, damn it Fergie!).

sam and dave: the details

Today is technically Tuesday, but it's sorta Monday (on a more existential basis).
So, we're going to hear from Sam because it's (existentially) her day.

sam's earrings, sam's cupcakes

Last week my post was full of the impending doom that I would not accomplish my tasks before June 9th. This week things have calmed down. I finished my report cards for work, scanned all the photos and made the juxtapositions so that Dave can make the imovie slideshow, finished the painting on the ketubah (I’m getting the words printed on Tuesday and will post the finished piece next post), I got the earrings, and picked up my wedding ring. My parents have been so on top of everything all along but my mom really outdid herself last week when she completed 160 fondant flowers for the cupcakes. I still have to finish the cake topper and find a brunch dress but the big things are really finished. Dave and I also really need to practice what we learned in salsa class or we’re going to be bickering on the dance floor and I’ll have to deduct 7 points from our on going point system (anyone else have that? You know... add points for good behavior and deduct points for badness but never really tally? We’re getting really excited and had a really fun dinner in Park Slope on Friday; we each took our wedding rings out for a test run. They were a perfect fit, just like us.

catherine weitzman

catherine weitzman
I love the cuff style bracelets over at Catherine Weitzman. She has some really beautiful, highly detailed work. The crescent cuff in oxidized silver is one of my absolute favorites and would make a really striking accessory for a bride dressed in black and white.

patch nyc

Patch NYC is one of my all time favorites for cake toppers. My friend Lena of ~>0<~ actually had her cake topper made by Patch, and was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings (that's her cake there, on the left). In my opinion, if you're going to go the traditional bride-and-groom cake topper route, this is the way to do it. It's indie, it's unique, it's handmade, yet it still gives a nod to the old school. Traditions are your friends, just don't forget to put them in a fresh change of clothes before you send them down the aisle.

cherry blossom lights: found!

cherry blossom lights
'Member... a while back I posted about those great cherry blossom lights from Graham & Greene? The ones up there, on the right? Only, the shipping was too much for us Yanks, and we couldn't find them anywhere local or else they were all sold out, and we were really sad? 'Member? Well I haven't found the exact same ones here in the U.S.of A. but I think I may have found a perfect alternative, up there on the left. The flowers are coral colored instead of white but the lights are white and the effect is the same when they're lit, I'm sure of it. I think they may even be a little cheaper. Still perfect for alters, ceremony spaces, buffet tables, centerpieces, etc... Anywhere you might like to use 35 candles, but can't or don't want to risk an inferno.
They can be found at a lovely online establishment called World Market. Scoop them up before they're all sold out too!

lee angel jewelry

Lee Angel Jewelry
Love these pieces from Lee Angel. If I were your maid-of-honor, I'd be very pleased indeed to receive the one on the right as a thank you gift for throwing you the best bachelorette party ever (you're welcome). I think the one on the left would even be striking as a bridal piece... with the right dress. Something with an Edwardian flair maybe? Both (and more) available at Shopbop.

sam and dave: the earrings

I’m making a lot of headway on the slideshow this weekend. I’ve scanned all the photos and begun the juxtapositions. I’ve also bought some lovely watercolor paper for the ketubah and found a printing place for the lettering. So I’ll paint the design with transparent colorful inks and then have the lettering printed in a nice color. I promise to post the finished piece. I’ve also decided that instead of finding funky earrings, I’m going to go with something more antique and understated that will match the look of my dress. Initially I thought I would mix metals and wear a bit of gold but with the silver accents on the dress it might not look intentional. So I’m going to Stardust Antiques this week and getting a lovely art deco pair of earrings (above) I have my eye on. I’m still in the market for a dress to wear to the following morning brunch. I am madly coveting the Kate Moss white dot dress (above). It seems however to have been snatched up all over the galaxy, so if any SO,SN readers have any suggestions for something similar and perhaps also reasonably priced I would be so appreciative. Dave and I also finished shooting a silly wedding video to air at the event. We’ll post that when he’s all finished editing (I’m happy that’s not my job! All I have to do is act...silly that is). His other videos can be viewed at

wediquette, schmediquette

Every week Xochitl (pronounced so-cheel), our resident wediquette expert and owner of Always a Bridesmaid Wedding Consulting, answers an etiquette question submitted* by one of our readers. So, (without further ado):

Q: I'm getting married in September of 2008, and want to have an old Hollywood glam theme incorporated in my wedding. I'm going with deep reds, black details, but I would like to have another color to compliment the 2, because those alone, I feel it would look too goth for what I'm shooting for. Any suggestions on color or ideas?--Bethany

A: Here is what I love about your color scheme- nothing captures the elegance of Old Hollywood like black and red- well, except for SILVER (or one of it's iterations! Nothing says the "silver screen" like amazing platinum accents! This doesn't need to mean metallic charger plates or anything like that (not that those things wouldn't work) but it can mean a pale platinum moire silk underlay or seat cushions. It can mean a pale pale grey bengaline napkin or a silk band of ribbon wrapped around the base of your vases (of flowers filled with gorgeous red blooms!) The key to this color scheme not going goth is to SOFTEN your black without minimizing the contrast. Be careful with the elements of black and red that you choose. If you are renting ballroom chairs, go black. If you are using satin chaircovers go SILVER or pale grey. Make it subtly dramatic, sophisticated glamour, not overkill and you will be the most amazing Rita Hayworth bride this side of Sepulveda!--Xochitl of Always a Bridesmaid

*If you've got a question for our expert, submit it by clicking "submit your question" in the right hand column, under "wediquette".

the meaning of flowers

the meaning of flowers
In response to Meghan's question about the meaning behind flowers, courtesy of Martha Stewart (thanks Martha!):

Baby's breath = Everlasting love
Bachelor's button = Celibacy, delicacy
Calla lily = Magnificent beauty
Carnation (pink) = Woman's love
Carnation = Pure love
Cornflower = Delicacy
Crocus = Cheerfulness
Daisy = Innocence
Dogwood = Duration
Fern = Magic
Forget-me-not = Remember me
Freesia = Innocence
Fuchsia = Confiding love
Geranium = True friendship
Hellebore = Calming
Hyacinth = Sport and play
Iris = I have a message for you
Ivy = Friendship
Jasmine (pink) = I attach myself to you
Jasmine (white) = Amiability
Lady's mantle = Comfort
Lilac = First emotions of love
Lily-of-the-valley = Return of happiness
Mint = Virtue
Myrtle = Love
Oak leaf = Bravery
Orchid = You're in my thoughts
Peony = Bashful
Peppermint = Warmth of feeling
Primrose = Youth
Ranunculus = Radiant with charms
Rose (white) = I am worthy of you
Rose = Love
Rosemary = Remembrance
Snowdrop = Hope
Sweet pea = Delicate pleasures
Sweet violet = Modesty
Sweet William = Sensitivity
Tulip (pink) = Caring
Tulip (variegated) = Beautiful eyes
Tulip = Declaration of love
Violet (blue) = Faithfulness

*I used blue hydrangea at my wedding, and those are not mentioned in the list. Hmmm. I will add them.*

Hydrangea (blue) = Let's get married and get Chinese take out every Monday and have a too small apartment and live in Brooklyn together. OK?

succulent color scheme

succulent desert color scheme
This new color scheme of pale blue, sea foam green, and brown really speaks to me. I like that it's so calming and romantic, but not too trendy. The best part about it is the juicy little cactus blooms you get to incorporate into all your floral arrangements. The ones that fade from blue to green? I love those! I found the above images of such arrangements at Fiore Designs. The boutonniere? Succulent!

a match made in... New England

lobster dress from J Crew
About a week ago, I got an email from Betsy, who wanted to know what she should wear to a "casual lobster-boil picnic" the day after her wedding on Cape Cod this summer. Well, Betsy, I stumbled across this LOBSTER DRESS from J. Crew today, and I really don't think you could possibly find anything more appropriate. It's summery, it's light, it's got a pretty shape, and IT HAS LOBSTERS ALL OVER IT! I like to get a little cheeky with my clothing now and then, and don't take myself too seriously, so I would wear The Lobster Dress. No doubt. But if, if you happen to think The Lobster Dress is too much, I would suggest another summery option of the same shape and origin.

sam and dave: the bachelorette

I wished I could have been there, sounds like Sam and Dave had wonderful times! I'll let her tell you all about it. Here she is:

sam's bacellorette
Our respective gender outings… a.k.a. Bachelor/Bachelorette night happened yesterday. It was so much fun. I highly recommend karaoke to bring people together. I think perhaps that the UN should use it as a negotiating technique. Dave’s friends were wonderful and planned a perfect day for him. They really know him well. He met up with them at noon for beers at McSorley’s, then off for a shvitz at the Russian/ Turkish baths, then cigars and scotch, lunch, dinner and then back to our apartment to play X-box using a projector and large white sheet for an extra large screen (if you knew Dave, you’d know that scotch and video games are a perfect match). I went to brunch with one friend then headed over to Brooklyn with another to go to a vigorous vinyasa class, then manicure/pedicures, dinner at Cronkite (a pizza/wine place) with 7 of my girlfriends, then Karaoke!! Did I mention that my friend Hannah baked marvelous pink cupcakes for us to indulge in! Perfect! She knows me well. I made little pink cards with cupcakes on the front and little “I love you, my friend” note on the back. Everything was so splendid. I feel so lucky and special to have such amazing girlfriends.

wendy mink

Mink jewelry
I may be watching too much Rome (Netflix has me hooked) so correct me if I'm wrong, but these are sooo fabulous! They're all Atia of the Julii, but in a good way.
From Wendy Mink Jewelry.

dresses that are less wee

dress up dresses
These dresses are a little less "wee" than the ones I posted about yesterday, but they're just as deserving of admiration. The little embroidered number would be a perfect bridesmaid's dress for a more casual black and white themed wedding. I'm picturing it at a tropical event, maybe with palm trees. I see palm trees... The embroidery reminds me of a Hawaiian quilt.

wee dresses for wee people

I'm not usually the type of person who oo's and ah's over little girls clothes. This might explain why I hardly ever post about flower girl... anything.
But I think these dresses are just too much fun to ignore! The yellow and orange one? I want it my size! Both dresses are from the very grown-up sounding Smitherman & Barnwell, who assure me that all of their little gowns can be ordered over the phone by calling them directly at 212.201.1309. I don't even think you need a wedding on the horizon to get one of these. I don't even think you need a child. Just get one, then when children come over to your house you can make them wear it. That's what I'm going to do. What? That's perfectly reasonable.


I think one of our readers put it best when she called posts like this one "Cake Porn". Today's delicious installment of Cake Porn has been provided by Cakegirls of Chicago. I had such a hard time deciding which of their cakes to post, they're all amazing!

good karmal

Give a little Good Karmal away... and get a little good Karma back! Oh, yeah. I did just craft that sentence. I'm a little bit of a dork, but I'm essentially OK with it.
If you get your favors from these good folks, 10% percent of all sales go to a group of environmental charities including The Nature Conservancy, The National Arbor Day Foundation, The World Wildlife Fund, and Conservation International.

guilded lilly

Some unique and memorable Lilly Pulitzer for your shower, your day-after brunch, your cousin's wedding, your rehearsal picnic... I love, love, love the yellow for a party, especially if you've got dark skin or a nice tan (from a bottle).

wediquette, schmediquette

Every week Xochitl (pronounced so-cheel), our resident wediquette expert and owner of Always a Bridesmaid Wedding Consulting, answers an etiquette question submitted* by one of our readers. So, (without further ado):

Q: I fell in love with a short Chantilly lace Monique Lhuillier dress and bought it. But now I am having second thoughts since my wedding is in the evening in July (but outdoors in a garden). Is short really appropriate?--SellingMyselfShort

A: First, I should tell you that I'm biased because I wore a tea length dress to my wedding! Also Monique, btw. Here's the thing: etiquette and appropriateness are a lot like abstract painting. It's only BAD when you couldn't do it in any other way! If you are a short dress kind of girl, but know that maybe you "should" be in a gown- make it a point to glam your short dress up with gorgeous heels, an amazing pill box hat & veil perhaps and other gorgeous traditional trappings. Even though evening is more formal, your dress is your dress and it should reflect you! The dress is one key personal stamp that you can put on your day that's unforgettable. If you are a short dress kind of gal, your guests are not going to say "Wow, look at her SHORT dress!",they are going to say "Look at how gorgeous! Of course she is in a short dress!!! It's so her!" Have no fear and hike up your hemline!!! Happy Dancing! --Xochitl of Always a Bridesmaid

*If you've got a question for our expert, submit it by clicking "submit your question" in the right hand column, under "wediquette".

sam and dave: the to-do list

Monday update courtesy of Samantha who is getting married in a little over 1 month! Yikes!
sam and dave childhood photos
It’s getting down to the wire. We’re running out of time!!! I’m not frantic yet. I probably should be. You may have noticed an air of nonchalance in previous posts. Furthermore, you may have noticed that the nonchalance often accompanied long lists of things we’ve yet to accomplish. Well here’s the current to do list and the actual count down of days left to do these (not so small) tasks…35…egads: Illustrate our wedding contract (modernized, more egalitarian Ketubah), finalize our 7 readings for the ceremony, finish a funny video Dave is making to show at the wedding, get a dress for the day-after brunch (I’m thinking the white dot dress by Kate Moss due to come out May 9th), figure out natural flower hair accessory, earrings, necklace, whether or not to alter dress, where to do it for under $200, get Dave’s shoes and suit alteration, finish cake topper (I’m making these little birdies sitting in a nest out of pom poms, twine and fabrics, figure out ipod mix for when the Cuban band stops, song for friend to play on violin while we walk down the aisle and finish scanning 100000+ childhood photos of the both of us for a slide show. I’ve scanned only about 100 so far. Here are a few cute ones. We have to put together the slideshow too, and try to find good juxtapositions. So that’s possible right? On top of writing my 200+ art report cards for my students? Did I mention that the wedding is June 9th and my last day of school is June 8th? Should I be sweating right now? Probably.

more colors!

More KenzieKate Colors
Every once in a while, I do something cool over at KenzieKate, and I can't help but toot my own horn a little.
I'm sort of proud of the fact that I can make any of our invitations in any color scheme, often at little or no extra cost. I've tried to tell people just how flexible KenzieKate can be but I do realize that it can be hard to visualize ALL the possibilities. So we've made it a little easier! We just installed a new feature on the KenzieKate website that will allow you to see just how different our invitations can look in colourways other than the ones featured. Just find the purple "more colors" button to see some of our favorite combos. While I can't possibly showcase all the options, I hope that this new feature will show you a little more of what KenzieKate can do!

love the list

Check out Indie Fixx for a great (indie only) summer wedding resource list. Love indie. Love the list!

double duty

blumebuds placecards
"Double Duty Objects For Budget Weddings"; I think this is a great idea for an article in a wedding magazine. Just wait and see! Sooner or later, this will be an actual article and I will feel very smart indeed.
OK so first on the list of useful, budgety, doubley-doodley items is the Blumebud; placecard extraordinaire, and favor. Ooooo. Next on my list is stolen directly from Miss Tomato over at Wedding Bee, and that is fans that are programs. Programs... in the shape of fans. Fans... in the shape of programs. Get it? Ooooo.
I was on a roll there for a second. But now I'm stuck.
Help me flesh this list out... What Would Martha Do?

funky oysters*

The nice ladies over at Funky Oysters would like to offer SO, SN readers a big fat 20% Mother's Day discount on their beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry. The Adrienne is my favorite, followed closely by the Eve. Aside from Mother's Day gifts, I think both would be wonderful and wearable bridesmaid's gifts. The price is right, especially with the discount code below.

Mother's Day Sale coupon code: JUST4MOM07
Expires 05/31/07

*I was going to try and think up something quippy for the title involving that old saying. The one about the pearls, and the swine? How does that one go? And what the heck does it mean? And while we're talking about swine, what's with the "sow's ear" saying? How does that one go? What's that one mean? I'm full of unanswered questions.

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