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new crew

We are skiing north of Montreal at Mont Tremblant this week, so I am posting light. The past two days on the slopes have been so fun, but I haven't been on skis for a while so my muscles needed a break today. I opted to hit the internet cafe. It's cozy and warm in here and I have a delicious cafe americano beside me, so instead of skiing I will spend the morning surfing!
I found these, new from J. Crew. Love the one shouldered one, but not sure about the other one. I sort of wish the bodice fit better on the top, and while I like the lace, the trim looks a little like curtains to me. Opinions?

handsome prints

Just something I'm working on lately, thought you might like to see what I'm up to. Not sure what these are for yet, but I'm really digging making them. Obviously they are still a bit rough, but I'll see where the wind blows before I finish them up! Love to hear feedback!

Mackenzie's Sketchbook