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aaaannnnnd done.

Portrait of a ton of work!
The last flower

Oh. oh. oh. The humanity. The poetry. The sheer beauty of our blood, sweat, and tears... oh, AND the melodrama, there's that too.
That's the last you'll hear from me until Monday folks. I'll be in The MiddleofNowhere for the wedding. No internet, no cell phones. No blog. But there sure is going to be some fun when I get back. You bet your bippy.


Anonymous on 3:19 AM

these are so *incredibly* beautiful. i'm completely in awe.

Anonymous on 8:09 AM

O man o man o man. I am in love. Too bad my own wedding is in 3 weeks and I can't change my colors...please post photos of them up & lit at the wedding!

Anonymous on 8:54 AM

you have to post the directions for those beauties! they're gorgeous!

Anonymous on 1:27 PM

I can't believe someone actually spent all the time to makes these. These are unbelievable, congratulations on these wonderful flowers!

Anonymous on 1:28 PM

I can't wait to see how they looked at the wedding :) !

Anonymous on 2:00 PM

they're beautiful!!! please tell how you made them! i'd love to make something like that for my sister's bridal shower.

Anonymous on 4:57 PM

Oh my, I never realized how huge they are! They're so beautiful, and SO worth all the effort you all put into them!

Anonymous on 12:13 AM

These are gorgeous! I can't wait to see pictures of them in their element

Anonymous on 9:22 PM

oh my god..... these are absolutely, amazingly, gorgeously beautiful! Please tell us how you made these! Fantastick!

Anonymous on 8:38 AM

OH MY GOODNESS!!! they are amazing!

Anonymous on 9:51 AM

if you get the chance, i would love to learn how to make these!

Anonymous on 1:24 AM

Holy WOW!!! I look at a mind-numbing amount of stuff every day and these beauties stopped me dead in my tracks. Sensational! And what an incredible labor of love. Count me in with those who would love to know how they were created and who are dying to see photos of them hanging and lit at the wedding. Congratulations!

Anonymous on 5:25 AM

Absolutely beautiful, I'm glad such hard work has paid off so wonderfully!

Anonymous on 8:05 AM

these are gorgeous. my sister is having a bridal shower soon and i would love to make these for her...can you please provide instruction? oh so pretty!!!!! i love your site, btw. i've totally bookmarked it.

Anonymous on 8:35 AM

These are so beautiful, colours are so vibrant and happy. So much hard work, hope everyone have a great time at the wedding.

Anonymous on 11:19 AM

Oh my goodness! You are incredibly talented and these are absolutely-hands-down the MOST amazing DIY project I have ever seen!! Martha would bow down. Please please please post instructions when you have time!

Anonymous on 12:19 PM

Those have got to be the coolest paper flowers I have ever seen in my entire life. They would be perfect to send to my friend in Japan, whose birthday is approaching. Please tell us how you made them. Or if you will sell me some.

Anonymous on 2:21 PM

WOW!! How orginal and beautiful!! I love it!

Anonymous on 4:56 AM

That's so beautiful, bravo, bravo!!

Anonymous on 2:01 AM

These are just gorgeous. I am completely in love with them.

Unknown on 4:09 PM
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K on 5:29 PM


Anonymous on 6:12 PM

another plea for you to give us directions on how to make them! please!!!

melanie on 12:40 PM

how about a post asking if anyone wants to buy these for their own wedding? ;-)

Anonymous on 11:07 PM

hey can anyone of good heart share to me how to this masterpiece was made?..please kindly email instructions to

amy & lisa on 7:15 PM

Absolutely beautiful! I'm sharing this on my blog on Friday with a link back to you...they are just to nice not to share! :) Great idea....even thinking of it for the wedding I'm working on, we'll see. :)

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