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new crew

We are skiing north of Montreal at Mont Tremblant this week, so I am posting light. The past two days on the slopes have been so fun, but I haven't been on skis for a while so my muscles needed a break today. I opted to hit the internet cafe. It's cozy and warm in here and I have a delicious cafe americano beside me, so instead of skiing I will spend the morning surfing!
I found these, new from J. Crew. Love the one shouldered one, but not sure about the other one. I sort of wish the bodice fit better on the top, and while I like the lace, the trim looks a little like curtains to me. Opinions?

handsome prints

Just something I'm working on lately, thought you might like to see what I'm up to. Not sure what these are for yet, but I'm really digging making them. Obviously they are still a bit rough, but I'll see where the wind blows before I finish them up! Love to hear feedback!

the view from here.

Some days I spend hours and hours looking at my hands and what they are doing, (mainly folding, gluing, and tying ribbon). The view today is nice! My nail polish (Plum Seduction #917, Revlon) looks great with the ink color (Pantone 583) on the folders I'm building for Krista and my Becky Kelso ring just looks great with everything.

sneak peak... los angeles

A sneak peek at our new Los Angeles wedding invitation design, which will be released next week on the Kenzie Kate site. I'm super proud of this one! The casual feel, the colors... everything about it screams "FUN WEDDING, GREAT COUPLE!" to me. I love the lack of fussiness, it's just so... relaxed. Like a happy couple!
I was so excited after getting these samples built that I had to share them right away, just a couple quick snaps with the camera phone and thru the magic of the internet... there you have it! You saw it here first!

me, you and everyone we know...

...are over at the BHLDN website right now, so it's running ve r y s lo w l y. At one point I think it actually went down completely, so if you didn't get a chance to see it, I grabbed some images.
I knew I would love it! My favorite surprise is that some of the gowns are very reasonably priced... my least favorite surprise is that some of them are not. Most run somewhere between $1000 and $2000, (not an unreasonable amount in my opinion). Then there are a couple in the $600 range, and a couple in the $5000 range.
I found lots of the accessories, cover-ups, shoes, bags, etc. to be things that can be found elsewhere... not in exact replica, but similar. The images I chose are of things I felt were fresh (at least to my eyes).
I was slightly underwhelmed by the bridesmaids dresses. I was expecting a little less J. Crew, a little more... something else. I also think that if the bride is wearing a $1600 dress, the bridesmaid isn't - so the prices seemed off kilter to me in relation to the wedding gowns.
I really loved lots of their hair accessories and the shoe selection was right up my alley. Aesthetically, I loved all of their lingerie. It was a nice combination of sexy and feminine without being vampy. Most of it was very boudoir though, not a lot of shaping or supporting going on.
I loved the jewelry. Lots of the BHLDN stuff seemed to be very similar to things you'd find at the Anthro site, but I like that we are getting away from so much glitz and bling and into more eclectic stuff for weddings.
All in all, I could see saving up my money for some of the more unique pieces. What is everyone else's take? I'm so curious to know what you all think.

be you. (tiful)

Looking for finger candies this morning, inspired by these from Harvest Gold. Not for everyone, but for me, these are gorgeous engagement rings.

...and light

I like these dresses from Saja. They're different, there's a certain sweetness to them that I love. If they speak to you too, consider dropping in on their semi-annual trunk show:
March 19th-20th
250 Elizabeth Street, NYC
Call 212-226-7570 to reserve yourself a spot.

in stark contrast

Loving this combination of pattern and realistic flowers! From Elegantly Iced.

a good laugh.

If you have some time today, read this blog. It's hilarious and it just may prepare you for actual marriage. Written by Kendi Lea, also of Kendi Everyday, which is also a favorite of mine.

gown faceoff!

One of these things is doing it's own thing!
Can you guess which of these amazing (and very similar) gowns costs less than $1000? Less than $700, actually?
One costs $695, the other two will run you upwards of $5000 each. Guesses?
Answer below!

Dress #1: Theia Beaded Silk Chiffon Gown $695!
Dress #2: Marchesa "Lola" - as near as I can tell, about $8000
Dress #3: Jenny Packham "May Blossom" - Can't find the price, but I assure you, it's not $700.

*As an aside... it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find out how much designer dresses cost! After speaking with one very curt and tight lipped receptionist at Marchesa, an unanswered call to Jenny Packham, and google search after google search, I gave up trying to find the exact prices for these designer gowns. So frustrating! If anyone happens to know, please post it here!

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