noritake unique wedding favors unique wedding favors
Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

pies in a jar

Fantastic favor idea from All Jarred Up - single serving pies in a jar! YUM!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Orchid drop earrings, from Ilexia Designs. Perfect gifts for the girls... or you!


Posts! They're the new chandeliers. Just in time, as Niko has just learned to grab for my earrings and PULLLL to get a funny reaction from mommy.
All from Anthropologie. The owl heads are precious, but I think the trefoil posts are my fav.

eye candy

So (as you may have guessed), it turns out that I am not allowed to share my news. Suffice to say that I was very busy last week traveling for some exciting press coming out on Kenzie Kate this fall. I know, that was such a tease. You'll be the first to know when it hits the news stands.
In the mean time, please allow me to make it up to you with some Monday morning eye candy, perfect little treats to beat these summer heats.
Peruvian Chocolate Caramellows
Nutty French Nougat
Vanilla Fleur de Sel Caramels
and Assorted Macarons


something new from something new

I've been working so hard lately! I've got a bunch of exciting developments to share, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share them... So whilst I find out, I will share these amazing hair bands from Be Something New! Love!

short and sweet

Just the right amount of femininity and style. Just lovely.
Well done Claire La Faye, well done!

twinkle toes

This shop takes plain ol' shoes and makes them awesome! You know me, I'm a sucker for a little creative embellishment. From Paris xox.


Love these dresses! Swoon. So often you find the more modern dresses are super expensive, these... not so much! Check out the bridesmaid's dresses while you're over there, definitely worth a peek!

**On a side note, some of you may have noticed that comments have been slow to get published lately. You can blame the trolls and spammers out there. I was getting absolutely inundated with crap and it was taking me half my morning just to delete it, so I had to put everything "on approval". So annoying. Anyway, your comments will now get published instantly - unless you're commenting on something more than 14 days old, in which case I will have to approve it. This should improve slow comment posting and combat the spammers. Stupid spammers.

beautiful bespoke

I considered having a dress made for my wedding, but not only was it very hard to find a dress maker/designer/seamstress at the time, but I found that when I did, I was still nervous about trusting them with my dress.
Today I stumbled across the work of this amazing Etsy vendor - Fairytale Weddings - and I actually got a little misty while reading her feedback, it was all THAT good. I feel pretty darn confident recommending her work for anyone looking to have their dress made. She seems to embrace loads of different, unique styles. I wish I needed a dress for something!

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