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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

floral favors

They're magnets! What a cute idea for favors for a garden wedding! From The Poetic Life.

hats: not just for snowstorms.

Anyone out there planning an outdoor fall wedding? Wouldn't that white hat, (maybe with a small blusher) be perfect? I just loved the other hat too much not to post it, both from Yellowfield. Contemplating wearing more hats...

little lamps

My sister pointed me towards this adorable project, (she's great like that). They're candles... in wine glasses... with shades! Genius! What an awesomely, inexpensive way to set up your tablescape. Tutorial here!
On another note, thank you so much everyone for suggesting all those exercise options. I have literally looked into every single one of them. At this moment a brand new collection of workout dvd's are on their way to my door. I am also looking into Bikram yoga. Now if I could only get the baby to enjoy his alone time...

time to get serious

Last night I had a "time-to-get-serious-about-getting-in-shape" moment as I realized that my baby is now 5 months old (!), and I have not broken a sweat since his delivery (!!). I want to get back into the swing of exercising, but I get bored so easily with treadmills and ellipticals (yawn). Any suggestions? I live in Rhode Island, so exercising outdoors is not always an option (at least not for me). Do I have to join a gym to do this right? Anyone?
In the mean time, I will dream of belts to accent my future sculpted self. From Percy Handmade.

be merry!

Some cake inspiration for you from Eat Cake Be Merry, spotted over at Black Eiffel. Hope everyone is enjoying their President's Day, especially if you're lucky enough to get the day off!


These gorgeous photos landed in my inbox this morning, and I couldn't resist sharing them. Jennifer Behr has always been one of my favorite accessories designers, and it looks like her 2010 Bridal Collection is one of her best efforts yet. They make me wish that my hair were not falling out at record breaking speeds because of a giant post-baby hormone adjustment. If I attached any of these to my head, I'm pretty sure they would just slide off onto the floor. My ponytail is more like a My Little Ponytail. I understand now why women go out and get the obligatory short "mom cut" after they have kids. They don't have enough hair to pull off anything else! Sigh.

top brass

I came across these on the front page of Etsy today, and I thought they'd make a sweet Valentine's Day gift (or just-because present) for someone special. All the pieces above are solid brass, and I love the weighty feel of anything solid metal. All from Silver Made Studios.

a do-it-yourselfer's wonderland

My sister (the super-crafter) told me about this amazing website, Save on Crafts, and the DIY'er in me just peed myself a little from joy! They have anything you could possibly want for DIY decor projects. Bulk feathers? Yes. Branches? Sure. Solar powered lanterns? Yup. Moss? In large quantites. Beautiful vases for cheap? Ok. Cake Stands? That, and so much more. If you are trying to do your own wedding decor, or are looking to score some craft supplies I would highly recommend checking this place out.
Have a great weekend everyone!

all that glitters

I have always loved the notion of choosing one beautiful, thoughtful accessory to make a nice outfit (maybe even an unremarkable one) unforgettable. With a short, white, satin, cinched-at-the-waist dress, the sequined rose would be perfect. The top headband could complete a slender, drapey, grecian number like they were never meant to be apart.
This has me wondering... Did any of you choose your gown based on an amazing accessory? Or does the dress always come first?
Both of the above are from Bethany Lorelle.

leather blossoms

It's rare to find nice leather goods in white, unless you pay about 1 million dollars for a designer stuff. I love these two clutches from Eight Seasons, (all the way from Estonia!) especially the White Sea of Blossoms - love it!

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