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button, button...

Who's got the button? I love these little hair pins from Pandacub, they make me happy! I'm willing to bet they would put a smile on the face of any of your girl friends. Bridesmaids? Sure. Flower girls? You betcha.

sarah seven

Sarah Seven makes these gorgeous dresses. She'll even apply her talent to a custom gown for you. I love the layered bodices that she creates. I also adore that raspberry colored dress. Those are the facts as I see them.


You've heard of a ring pillow, how about a ring nest? These would be so cute for a woodsy wedding! From Erina at Y&E.

new crew

A new week, a new J. Crew dress. Love the stripes!
I hope everyone is enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. I know I'm spending some time outside in the next few days, even if I have to take the computer with me onto the lawn.

my dog ate my earring

Last night I was wearing my favorite earrings, (bottom left). I love these earrings because they're super light, super comfortable, and everyone comments on how nice they are. I love them. Correction; loved. *sad face* I woke up this morning to discover that my puppy had gotten one of them off the coffee table and chewed it to bits. He's still in the "dog house", as it were.
I bought them in San Fran. when I went to visit my sister, and I had no idea the name of the shop where I got them or the name of the person who made them. Luckily, I have a magical sister who happens to be the world's best internet searcher. She found Molly M's website and now I can go ahead and forgive Shorty. Yay!
Since I was so pleased to have found a source for these babies, I thought you might be interested as well. These would be perfect bridesmaid's gifts. I love the ones on the top left, they'd be gorgeous against dark hair!

shrugs from rohm

Need a shrug? I love the swiss dot fabric on the top one! It's so simple, yet so feminine. It'd be the perfect topper to sleeveless gown in need of a little pizzazz! All of the above handmade by Emily of Rohm.

short and sweet

In these tricksy economic times I know lots of brides are looking for more casual, inexpensive frocks for backyard receptions. These are a few of my favorites, both from Nordstrom's. The one on the left is Anna Sui, and if you have skin as amazing as that model, I recommend you wear this dairy cream color all the time. The second dress, by Lily, won my heart with it's easy, airy style and gorgeous texture. Both would be perfect for a beautiful summer wedding under the stars!

punk rock pretty

Spring has finally sprung here in Rhode Island, YAY! I had a great weekend full of digging in the garden and anticipating all the beautiful flowers that will come in the next few months. I'm actually sore from all my digging! Regardless, it's great to have been able to spend some serious time outside, and I can't wait to get back out there next weekend.
Meanwhile, I've got lots of good stuff to share!
Meredith, from Punk Rock Bride emailed me this weekend to share the amazing new designs just up on their website. I love the Becky (above right), it's what I imagine Avril Lavigne might wear, if she hadn't worn what she actually wore.


I've posted about the wonderful Japanese art of folding fabric before, but I found these amazing hair accessories on Etsy the other day, and thought I'd post them before I headed out for the weekend. I love the delicate folds and the bright pops of color, each one is a little work of art!
I'm planning a full weekend of nursery decorating, bulb planting, and painting. It will be a miracle if I can do all three! The weather IS supposed to be nice, and I don't have any other obligations... so I've got my fingers crossed for an uber-productive two days with a little sunshine mixed in. Enjoy your weekends everyone, and see you Monday!

garden party!

The prim-properness of these dresses in their happy spring colors is making me jones for a nice garden party to go to. Perhaps I could wear the dress on the left? I know that my bump would be too big for the one on the right, but the one on the left...? (*rubs chin, seriously considers purchase*) I think I could do it! You wear the one on the right... I'll wear the one on the left. See you at the artichoke dip!

twigs and honey

Twigs and Honey make some of my absolute favorite floral accessories. Their new website is positively loaded with one great piece after the other, but the headbands are my hands-down favorites. Check them out!


I hope everyone had a great holiday! Welcome back! We worked a bit on the nursery this weekend... it felt great to get started! I'm one of those people who is constantly looking for a project, something outside of work... and this is the ultimate project! If you guys are interested, I'll post pics when I'm done :) For now though, back to the wonderful world of wedding stuff!
I'm jumping right in to share this amazing gown I stumbled on at Neiman Marcus. It's not necessarily meant to be a wedding gown, but I would be thrilled to wear it down the aisle just the same! I adore the color and the embroidered sash.

little ties, big news.

Check out the adorable variety of teeny tiny neckties from My Bella Bows for your little ring bearer. I love the polka dots!
*We had another ultrasound this morning, and it looks like we'll be buying our very own teeny tiny little neckties in the near future! It's a boy!


Lots of poms to love from PomLove! In case you didn't have the time or the patience to make your own.

love art!

I'm a huge fan of buying art on Etsy, and I've got tons of it. I found these adorable love themed pieces, perfect for wedding gifts, from the sellers below, Check them out!
Deeply Madly in Love: by Jennifer Amos
Loving Zebra Print: Nicole J. George
Lovebirds: Naomi Murrell
I Heart Chicago: Moxiedoll

lulu splendor

I love the three dimensional quality of these pieces, especially paired with the pearls. It's such a nice departure from the average bridal jewelry without being too over the top. Their necklaces are my favorite, but don't miss the hair combs and bracelets. They're all beautiful! All from Lulu Splendor on Etsy.

Ah, Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am looking forward to a week of building some beautiful invites and a doctor's appt. on Thursday, where we *might* find out if we're having a boy or a girl. I'm super excited to know, but I know that if the baby doesn't want to show us the goods, all bets are off! I hope baby's feelin' revealin'!
Most nights I have a list of a bunch of different finds to post about, of a variety of different topics. This past week I seem to be totally stuck on hair accessories, I just keep stumbling across great ones! These are from, and are some of my favorites for their kicky, eccentric vibe. The flower band is my personal favorite, and would look amazing worn a bunch of different ways. I would pair it with a really flowy gown, the word "diaphanous" comes to mind.

catherine deane

One of my absolute favorite parts about writing this blog is looking at amazing wedding gowns, and these are right at the top of my list. I'm a sucker for details, and Irish designer Catherine Deane does them with such style! Her designs can be found around the world, including a few retailers here in the States. Lucky us!

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