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Pomander How-To

I'm so happy to be back! I missed my apartment, my friends, my cat. Whoops. I don't have a cat.
SO... the wedding was gangbusters. The bride was ethereal, resplendent... lovely. There will be pictures of the couple and the decor soon. I promise.
The paper poppy pomanders could not have worked better! People were wowed. And now I'm back and overwhelmed with the number of people who want to make their own paper poppy pomanders! So I'm going to spill the beans and tell you how the bride and I made them.

The process of attaching the flowers to the paper lanterns couldn't be simpler. Get a glue gun, goop up the bottom of the flower, and stick it on.
Ta Da.
The hard part is the actual making of the flowers. (Duh.) We ended up using so many different methods for constructing the flowers. We used felt, cardstock, tissue paper, numberous kinds of fabric, and vinyl. In short, we really let our creative juices flow.
The tissue is the most economical material, and the easiest flowers to make so we used a ton of them, mainly as filler to stretch the more complex flowers.
The felt, cardstock, and fabric flowers were more time consuming and more expensive to make, so we made fewer of those and tucked them in between the tissue flowers for variation and intrigue.
At first we needed help figuring how to make the more complex flowers, and we ordered a flower making kit from here. Once we got the knack it became easy to invent our own flowers. We used less expensive paper and realized that we didn't need templates or wire or anything fancy. Our flowers were a bit off the map, but I didn't hear any complaints at the wedding.
One of the flowers I love to make is just a long strip of paper with slits cut in it (sort of resembling a comb). Just roll it up, glue the end, and splay out the petals. Instant mum.
I hope that answered some of your questions. If you do plan on making a flower ball (or 9 flower balls) of your own, be warned that it is not a quick activity. It took two very crafty people a long time to make as many flowers as we made. AND we enlisted the help of family and bridal shower guests. But in the end, I think it was worth it. The Bride and I bonded. We are now glue-gun blister sisters. Yeah, it was totally worth it.


Anonymous on 2:57 PM

thanks so much for the info! i love you =) can't wait to see pics of the wedding...i'm sure your hardwork made it so beautiful ^_^

Anonymous on 4:49 PM

Thanks for sharing!!! :D

Anonymous on 5:30 PM

your "how-to" is awesome! i would never have the patience to do as many as you did, but i agree your hard work was well worth it! SOOO GREAT!

Anonymous on 5:32 PM

your "how to" instructions are great!! i would never have the patience to make as many as you did, but i agree your efforts (and blisters) were well worth it!


Anonymous on 8:32 AM

Thanks for the how to's!! They're beautiful! can't wait to see pictures of them at the wedding

Anonymous on 10:58 AM

did the lanterns light up too?

Anonymous on 11:34 AM

wow! i am so going to attempt to make these for a shower!

Anonymous on 2:38 PM

Those are beautiful!! What did you guys use them for at the wedding?

Anonymous on 3:25 PM

Can I pay you to make them for me / or buy yours from you!!? I'm serious .. I'm just not very crafty and would rather buy them. Let me know and I'll email you.

Anonymous on 3:31 PM

Thank so much for posting instructions!! :-) Do you think it'll work if I used silk flowers found at craftstores?

Anonymous on 4:38 PM

Kitty-- Unfortunately, the flower balls are not mine to sell. They belong to the bride, who, I believe, has given already given some of them away to a few lucky friends and wedding guests. If you've got your heart set on buying something similar, you might check Delia's, they have a smaller flower ball lamp in a few different colors. Check it out!

Audrey-- I do think the flower balls would work well with silk flowers! Although, I would mix in some tissue and paper flowers as well, just to get a variation in texture, and to save yourself some money.
You can find great Mulberry paper flowers for very cheap online (under Card Making supplies)

I hope I helped!

Anonymous on 4:41 PM

Well, I think your blog has caused a run on Paper Source's paper flower kits. There suddenly are none available on their website. :( I've searched around, but does anyone know any other sources for kits, or even just the instructions?

Anonymous on 12:53 AM

Thank you Mackenzie for the info! I've actually seen those Delias flower lanterns in the store. But I thought they looked a bit on the small side. What size are the flower lanterns that you made? Thanks again!

Anonymous on 10:52 AM

Great idea. I would love to do 4 for my wedding.

Anonymous on 11:59 AM

You're becoming quite famous for those pomanders! I've see it posted on quite a few blogs :)

Anonymous on 8:57 PM

This is just hotness and genius combined. Damn this is hot!!!

Anonymous on 7:51 AM

Fabulous pomanders, I love the colours! I've mentioned you on - A UK wedding blog

Anonymous on 1:22 AM

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Anonymous on 4:02 AM

Thanks for the info

Unknown on 11:47 PM

Are you selling these or are you willing to make more to sell? I love these but could NEVER make the flowers!

Anonymous on 2:00 AM

Good Job! :)

7interiordesign on 9:25 AM

Fabulous pomanders, I love the colours!
Great job dude!
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venta relojes on 12:41 AM

beautifull arajement

designer jeans on 6:15 PM

That is so crafty! I wish I had the patience/talent to do something like that.

Discount Designer Jeans on 1:53 AM

Very simple but creative idea. Looks good too!

FFXIV gil on 3:50 AM

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