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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

head = dressed.

I love the new stuff up on Headdress Couture. Aside from awesome new hair accessories for your wedding day, they also have some killer new veils. I love that they're all little edgy, but just edgy enough to be interesting, not like "over the deep end" edgy. The photos are amazing! Check them out.

i think i have a shoe fetish

Not so much into the uber-fanciness from yesterday? Try these on for size! I saw these over on Brooklyn Bride a week or so ago, and thought I'd round out your shoe selection. A bit more casual, but no less amazing. Call me crazy, but the green patent leather ones are my favorites. And the patterned ones for a garden wedding would be sublime with a tea length dress. All from J. Crew.

well heeled

I wore a short dress for my wedding so finding fabulous shoes was really important to me. Lucky for me these babies weren't around then, I think I would have had to loosen the purse strings and splurge! Amazing art deco style Prada Pumps with gorgeous detailing on the heel, and two adorable little bows across the vamp, available at Bergdorf's. LOVE.


I justify this huge image by saying that you need to see these cakes up close and personal in order to appreciate the amazing detail. Living in the Brooklyn area? Lucky! Contact Jolly Be Bakery and get yourself a cake!

fancy, in a good way.

These remind me of a gorgeous princess from a far-off land on the day of her wedding to the prince of her dreams. Who? who? I ask does not want to be reminded of that? From taj taj jewelry, consisting of fine gems combined with 18K gold.
If anyone out there gets Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius, you can catch me on at 10:30 AM, talking with Betsy Karetnick on Morning Living about wedding invitations. I must admit, I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck!

wood and metal wedding rings

I realize that there aren't too many guys out there visiting my blog on a daily basis, so I don't post about guy stuff all that often. I may be wrong, but I doubt there are many grooms cruising the blogosphere for inspiration on their wedding rings. But who knows? Maybe I'm completely wrong and offending a large chuck of highly involved husbands-to-be. More likely than not, you (the loving fiance) will just tell them about these precious metal and wood inlay rings later, and they'll think you're the smartest most thoughtful, considerate, stylish lady ever. Available on Etsy from Rob and Lean.


So as many of you already know, the Post Office is raising rates AGAIN (to $.42) on May 12th of this year. This seems particularly annoying because the rates went up by 2 cents last year at this time, throwing all the brides at the height of wedding season into a tizzy because they couldn't get good stamps at the new rate. We will surely go thru the same awkward phase again where our only choice for postage will be the Liberty Bell and no doubt a commemorative set of Chewbacca portrait stamps or some such unattractive nonsense. To boot, it doesn't appear as though Zazzle is offering a $.42 option just yet... Arg! So where does this leave us? Had I the choice, I think I would go with The Bell. It's not horrible, it's nothing. It's neutral. It's better than Chewy. What is everyone doing to get around this?

black white and yellow all over

Can someone with seriously beautiful skin (or someone who has bridesmaids with really beautiful skin) adopt a cheery yellow, white and black color scheme and take advantage of the kicky printed sheaths from Nicole Miller this season? Please? And send me pictures? Awesome. I will be waiting by the computer.

lille (a shop)

If you're looking for some beautiful things to add to your registry, look no further than Lille. This little teapot (both short, and stout) is one of my favorites from Asianera. The dinnerware from Juliska is also a must see if you're looking for timeless pieces with a little flare. I have a thing for plates that aren't round.

just a touch

I do love a little drama, just a touch... especially when paired with a simple, flowing gown, soft hair, and natural makeup. Just a little something to stand out in a crowd. Love these pieces from Ginta Siceva, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like them.

diy favor boxes

You know what warms the cockles of my heart on this, the day of love? DIY Projects! Well, not completely DIY, but DIAAY (Do It Almost All Yourself). Very affordable templates are available over at A Little Hut to create these adorable little paper gift boxes. Fill them with chocolate, jelly beans, almonds, whatever you like! Enlarge the template a bit, and put a cupcake in there! These would be gorgeous made from origami paper. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

freedom to marry week

freedom to marry
When it comes to my opinions on gowns, flowers, and lighting, I don't hesitate to share, I love to share! When it comes to my other leanings... well, I have always been told not to talk about sex, religion, or politics with strangers (or some of my relatives). This philosophy has served me well and kept me out of trouble for the most part. So even though I know that there are strangers reading this and maybe even some relatives, I'm going to go out on a limb and share a particular leaning that I feel very strongly about.
This week is Freedom to Marry Week! Freedom to Marry is a foundation working to win marriage equality for everyone in the U.S. of A. I support their goals with my whole heart because I believe that equal rights (not different rights) for everyone is the way it should be. I'm hoping that of all people, you, (the high-on-love, engaged to be married, goo-goo eyed love-birds) will be most sympathetic to the cause. Learn more about the cause here. Donate here.

dress up your notes

My mom sent me these, and I thought you might find them useful for writing little notes to your bridesmaids, wedding shower thank-yous, or as an adorable hostess gift for a soon-to-be bride. Each blank note card has an image of a designer Parisian wedding gown and the set is available at Crate and Barrel. Not where I usually expect to find stationery, but I'll take it where I can find it! I love that while these are very "bridal" they aren't too cutesy.

perfect party dress

This is the perfect party dress in my opinion. Perfect for a bachelorette party, perfect for a rehearsal dinner, perfect for dancing the night away. Love the stripes, love the silhouette, love the sassy-see-thru quality. Love it all. If I only had the perfect party to attend. I wonder if maybe I should have a party? Would you come? All the way to Rhode Island?


These are my absolute favorite. I've posted about Ayesha Mayadas work before, but I couldn't resist dedicating another post to her gorgeous bands. I love the way she sets stones. They're so organic looking, yet still feminine and pretty.

new ketubah

Tsilli from New Ketubah emailed me today about the launch of her amazing new line of limited edition ketubah prints. She uses modern graphics in a variety of shades, prints them on archival, acid free, fine arts paper and then adds handcrafted touches in silk or cotton thread. The result is unlike any ketubah I've ever seen. Her website is also really elegant. Check her out!

eyelet lanterns

OK. I'm back. Whoever, (Mom?) made the comment about morning sickness, HA! Not so much. I'm fine, just a touch of the flu maybe? Anyway, got a great tip today from Luna Bazaar about their awesome lantern collection. I love, love, love their selection of shaped eyelet lanterns, and think they all would look amazing hung low over guest tables, lit from within in groupings of three or so? At these prices, you can afford to get a bunch. The light coming through the little holes in the eyelet will be fantastic!


Ug. Not feelinks so good. :( I have so many things to share, but I'm going to rest up for today, and get back to you tomorrow. Enjoy your Super Tuesdays everyone.

fancy odds, fancy ends

Maybe not all for the same wedding, but Neiman's has some beautiful wedding accessories if you're looking to splurge on something really special. That shawl would be just as beautiful on your grandaughter in fifty years as it would be on you. And those shoes? Hot, yet the peep toe makes them surprisingly demure. The red soles are all sass.

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