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happy friday!

I'm off for the weekend, and chomping at the bit to do something besides sit at my desk. I will leave you for now with the lovely work and photo stylings of Little White Dresser. If only the light in my house could have that same quality... I guess they don't make that kind of sunshine in Providence! Have a great weekend everyone!

sun, sand and glamour

Tamara Catz has beach glamour down; slightly bohemian, flowing, gauzy layers with thoughtful details. AND they're offering some of their dresses on sale. If you're planning to get married at the beach, by the water, or even just in the summer, check it out!

chic shoulders

So chic! I love these shrugs from Toccata, they have a real high fashion flair, without being too over the top. The pleats are amazing, and in my opinion, would look fantastic with a simple gown, long or short. Perfect for a church ceremony where covered shoulders are required or for your picture perfect getaway on the back of that vespa/bicycle/petty cab/horse.
**OK, I plead pregnancy brain! I can't believe I forgot the LINK! How long have I been blogging now? Sheesh. A thousand apologies.**

good news! it's still summer.

Just a few of my favorite summer dresses over at Antrhopologie. I WAS going to post about some adorable J.Crew pumps today, but J. Crew has just released their FALL clothes, and after scrolling around on their site looking at cable knit, turtlenecks and overcoats, I'm sad. So, I will save the pumps for another day in favor of very flowy, summery things with no sleeves - so as not to pass on the sadness that comes with sweater sets in July.
The Floating Lotus Dress (top), and the Clustered Petal Dress (bottom).

black and white

Black and white, made fun by Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica. I love the butterflies! Happy Monday everyone!

sweet tweets

Love bird cake toppers have been all the rage lately, and I'm all for it! These really caught my eye. From Have and Hold.


I've been looking for simple, realistic looking flowers mounted onto bobby pins (rather than clips) and Die Blume has them in spades! I thought someone else might be looking for them as well... the flowers attached to clips can be so pretty, but the size of the clip means that they can sometimes be awkward to attach to my "dainty" hair. These are perfect for summer.


Maybe you had a rough week? Looking to help do your part for the economy? Have a very deserving bridesmaid? There's got to be a million reasons to snatch up one of these adorable clutches from Nonsuch, and I could go on and on... but do you really need me to?

flow-y and romantic

Maybe it's because this would actually fit me (33 weeks preggo and growing fast!), maybe it's because it's just dreamy, but I love this little dress. In white, it would be an adorable option to change into for dancing and late night fun! From Couvert.


I used to think that no one, (above the age of 11) could have serious feelings about marshmallows (unless they were accompanied by graham crackers and a chocolate bar). This was before I tried the NEW marshmallows. Not the Jet Puff variety, not the kind that you take camping, I'm talking about the fancy ones you get at Whole Foods, or The City Bakery. These marshmallows are a completely different story, and completely worthy of your serious feelings. While I've had them dipped in chocolate and rolled in toasted coconut, I've never had a lemon, cherry, or blueberry flavored one. This will soon be rectified thanks to Mia Mallows.

love this.

Know any newlyweds? What a perfect wedding gift! From Red Hot Pottery.

sarah perlis

Beautifully unique ring configurations at Sarah Perlis, I love her take on the asymmetrical solitaire!

love really IS for the birds

I love the idea of throwing bird seed instead of rice, and I'm sure the birds do too! These little bird seed packets are an adorable way to close your ceremony, complete with "love birds" logo!


I'm back from a crazzzzzy week- complete with houseguests, 30th (!) birthday, baby shower (!!), and lots and lots of happy memories. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I promise this week will be back to normal. I missed you guys! To get things started, I'm pointing you in the direction of these adorable cupcake flags. How cute would these be en masse in a tower of cupcakes?


A bunch of eye candy (and real candy) from Amy Atlas to make up for my spotty posting this week. I hope Amy's wealth of images keeps you busy for the day while I regroup!


I love this new trend of embellished headbands. It's so effortless and pretty without being fussy in the slightest. These are some of the best of the bunch, from Be Something New.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Fourth! I'm celebrating post #800 today! Yippee!
What better way to celebrate than to ring in the week with a fine feathery clutch? The shop where I found this one also has some funky other color combos, all of which would be tres chic paired with a white gown. From Angee W.

weather or not...

As we in New England have witnessed first hand this past month, just because it's summer there's no gaurantee that it'll be sunny OR warm! While these might actually be necessary in August, they'll definitely be useful by October! Love the fuzzy shrug. Both from Silvia 66.

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