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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.


J. Crew's new fall bridal lookbook is up on their website. Love the gowns, love, love, love... they are all a little quirky and adorably sweet. I'm not as enamoured with the hair, but they're not selling hair now are they? I suppose they get a pass.

monday is the new friday

This is more of a Friday afternoon type post than a Monday one, but I've got parties on the mind! Niko's first birthday is coming up on the 18th of September and we're going to have a little get-together outside on our new deck. How better to celebrate than with a cocktail? Kidding! But not really! There will be cake and balloons and all sorts of fun kid stuff, but among all those other things I thought I'd whip up a delicious cocktail for the grownups, something smacking of the coming fall, but still refreshing. What to mix, what to mix...? My search brought me to this delightful recipe from Dale Degroff (via kitchn), from what I read of the comments, the sum in greater than it's parts:

Whiskey Peach Smash
makes one drink

1/2 peach, cut into thick slices
3 or 4 fresh mint leaves
1 lemon wedge
1 ounce water
1/2 ounce simple syrup
2 ounces whiskey (Degroff suggests Canadian whiskey, but bourbon also works well)
1 sprig mint
1 thin peach slice for garnish

Muddle all ingredients except whiskey in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and whiskey. Shake and strain into an ice-filled old fashioned glass and garnish with a peach slice and a sprig of mint.

need a light?

Just a smattering of my favorite lanterns for sale at Jamali Home and Garden. They have the absolute best selection (and great prices) for everything from the most random decor stuff (a bag of oak leaves?) to lighting and garden pots.

white owl

White Owl makes these gorgeous passementerie necklaces, among other things. I love the look of the gray, so chic!

fall haul

I have been feeling just a slight chill in the air in the evenings lately, and it's made me excited for the coming fall, my absolute favorite season of them all!
What better for fall than perfect skin, a defined brow, gorgeous lips and a fan of incredible lashes? Don't we all wish?!

Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash Mascara - I have really skimpy lashes and I have been secretly (secrets out!) been dying to try Latisse, the new prescription balm for longer eyelashes, but am (not so secretly) too chicken for no particular reason. So instead I've been addicted to this mascara which seems to create the appearance of more lashes rather than thicker lashes. Not sure how it works, but my lashes seem to look very natural, just darker and more numberous. Nothing worse than clumpy lashes! I absolutely hate it when mine stick together. It's going to be a bit of a MUFE love fest this post - so hang in there.

Make Up For Ever's High Definition Invisible Foundation - This is so good! The finish is fairly matte, but not at all dry looking. It's really true to it's name in that it's imperceptable when you have it on, both in person and on camera (something I think we are all searching for). The coverage is good, I'd say medium to high. Overall, this is my new favorite foundation - highly recommend trying this one out.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick - (the satin finish was my personal favorite). These are really not like any other lipstick I've tried. They're incredibly pigmented and they stay on like crazy, perfect if you'd rather not be reapplying your lipstick all the time. You need so little to create a really nice looking, lasting lip. I really love the intensity of color these offer - #33 was my favorite - but I was looking for a very 80's pink - so that one might not be for everyone.

POREfessional from Benefit - This reminds me a lot of a much more expensive primer, and it lives up to it's name. I have larger pores on my cheeks close to my nose, and this really helps the make up float over top rather than sink into my pores. Very nice. Love this.

Anastasia Brow Duo - This is a brand I've never tried before but their brow duo is a new part of my everyday makeup - it's so natural and soft looking.

Thanks for hanging in there, I'd love it if you'd share your favorites for fall, and I'm sure our fall bride's would appreciate it as well!


Oooooo. Succulents! Sold in collections of 100, 18 or 6, these are perfect for favors or centerpieces! From Succulents Galore.

tuesday mourning

Seeing's how it's Tuesday morning, I thought it apropos to post about this little shop, Tuesday Mourning. Illustrator Merrilee will do a custom portrait of you, our you and your sweetie, or say... of your two best friends on the occasion of their wedding! What an adorable engagement present! I love her style so much. I have illustrator envy.

tie one on!


Do I detect something of a trend? Bow necklaces seem to be every which way I turn lately! Here are a few of my favorites. From top to bottom, left to right:

1.. Anthropologie, Bauble Bow Necklace, $38
2.. Anthropologie, Tuxedo Accoutrement Necklace, $138
3.. Anthropologie, River Bow Necklace, $38
4.. Diament Designs, Gold Bow Necklace, $40
5.. Betsey Johnson, First Date Bow, $35
6.. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Long Bow Necklace, $160

birdcage brights

I tend to shy away from the conventional, so it comes as no surprise that these brightly colored birdcages sing to me. I love the classic shapes and the color adds just the creative touch I crave. From Wedding Aisle.


Adorable! I love this idea, especially if you have no need for more mirrors in your house, (like me) but love old ornate frames. These would also make a great welcome sign or menu board for a reception or even a beautiful canvas for someone who is handy with a bit of chalk. Love it. From Revived Vintage, and very reasonably priced!

sarah hood

I guess it's just a wedding ring sort of week! Sarah Hood was a featured seller this morning on Etsy and I couldn't resist! I love the natural, casual quality these rings have. Everything from women's engagement rings to men's wedding bands have the same high quality/low glitz feel to them. She also has some beautiful non-wedding rings, you know... just for fun.

filagree rings

Love these! I looked for something similar for a long time when I was in the market for a wedding band. I hope you like! From Nurit Design, all the way from Isreal.

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